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Healthy Kitten, healthy Cat

Healthy Kitten, healthy Cat

A kitten entering your life literally turns it upside down. There is probably no more delightful picture than facing everyday life and getting to know the world. It is a source of happiness as well as deep stress, which affects Kittens' natural defense mechanisms.

Therefore, reach for Purina® ONE® Junior food, which will support you every day not only in building a better relationship with your kitten, but also guarantee healthy, sustainable development into a happy cat.

Claws down the hill

The life of the kitten is full of ups and downs. And it is literally. Every new owner, whose kitten tears the figures from the shelves, digs the flower pots and rolls off the curtain rod on the curtain, will find out about it. As his guardian, you introduce him to a new environment, while insuring possible accidents and anticipating potential dangers. But you never fully predict everything... A kitten is a source of cute pictures and a small - a big nuisance. But we love it so much and we want to take care of its visible health and proper development.

By feeding a kitten, you are teaching a big cat

As Kittens develop very dynamically, they need a greater concentration of nutrients in a smaller portion. A Kitten is born the size of a small can of Cat food and grows like yeast. He can start chewing dry food between 4 and 6 weeks, when he is still fed by his mother cat. However, already between the 6th and 8th week, it is worth having small meals every 3-4 hours. In a new home, it is recommended to divide it into at least 4 meals.

Usually, we consider a Kitten as a Kitten up to 12 months of age (regardless of whether it is subjected to castration / sterilization, which after the procedure we simply give 10% less food to the Kittens). An extremely important element is developing good habits in Kococie from an early age. It is recommended that cats be given food at fixed times and divided into several smaller meals. Constant, uncontrolled access to food contributes to overfeeding cats and many diseases. Therefore, we teach Kittens a proper routine from an early age.

The proper sustainability of your kitten will be ensured by a balanced and complete food Purina® ONE® Junior, which guarantees:

  • Healthy development of vital functions supported by a nutritional profile adapted to the growth phase, higher energy concentration in a smaller portion,
  • Healthy development of muscle mass and skeleton thanks to a high level of protein and a balanced content of minerals to protect the developing excretory system Kittens,
  • Highly digestible thanks to high-quality ingredients, using raw materials such as in the production of food for humans,
  • Oral protection provided by essential minerals and crunchy bits, teaching good habits to help your cat's teeth function for longer,
  • Contains the essential Omega 3 fatty acid derived from fish (DHA), which is also present in cat's milk and accounts for more than half of the fat fraction in the kitten's brain. DHA has a proven effect on stimulating the development of the nervous system and supports the proper development of the organ of vision. The presence of this ingredient in the diet of growing animals translates into building better relations with the owner.

An important element is controlling the supply of all food during the day. You should develop proper habits and determine the optimal portion size between 6-8 months of age of the Cat. They will be more or less the same for the rest of our Cat's life. Therefore, with the support of Purina® ONE® Junior, let's take care of the proper growth of our kitten today, so that in the future we can enjoy the visible health of our cat.

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