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Provide your cat with better protection

Provide your cat with visibly better protection

You love your cat because it is as important to you as other family members. Or maybe even more important (at least your cat probably thinks so)

By feeding him every day, you show him your love and care by providing all the necessary nutrients. Now you can provide him with something more, you can give him safer today and tomorrow. You can support its natural defenses with the latest functional formula Bifensis®, which is enriched with complete Purina® ONE® cat food.

Properly nourished, it has the power to protect

Your cat's body is constantly attacked by various pathogens from outside and even inside its body. This is why it is so important to strengthen its own natural protective barrier which is healthy skin on the outside and healthy intestines inside the body.

In your cat's daily meals, you should provide all the necessary nutrients, of which there are several dozen. They help maintain a healthy body and ensure the visible proper functioning of the skin and intestinal barrier:

  • Healthy, moisturized skin;
  • Springy, shiny hair;
  • Regular, compact droppings;
  • Less putrefactive processes in the intestines - less unpleasant odors from the litter box.

These and other symptoms clearly confirm that you are feeding your cat properly. That is why Purina® ONE® feeds have been composed for almost 100 years by a team of specialists: veterinarians and animal nutrition specialists, based on the current state of scientific knowledge. Recently, you can also support your cat's defense mechanisms in a way that is invisible to the naked eye.

Defense to the L * power

Many bacteria live in our body, as well as in the body of our cat. Some of them are good, while others are potentially bad, or even pathogenic. It is very important that your cat's diet contains nutrients that help to maintain a balance between the good bacteria and the rest. An ingredient that supports good bacteria in cats is prebiotic fiber (prebiotics), derived from the chicory root, as confirmed by research. It is a breeding ground for good bacteria and prevents the growth of putrefactive bacteria (which cause excessive fermentation, putrefactive processes and diseases).

Among the good bacteria, lactic acid bacteria stand out. Their name does not mean that they come from milk, but that they are eager to ferment as part of their activity, creating lactic acid. Specific, selected and properly preserved Lactobacillus * bacteria, served with your cat's daily diet, give him a double protection. They help protect his body by naturally strengthening your cat's immune mechanisms.

Contained in the functional Bifensis® formula, the good bacteria help to strengthen your cat's natural protection day after day to keep him healthy!

*NS. fermentum, L. delbrueckii

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