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Dog toys: what are the best toys and why?

Dog toys

When entering a pet store, a dog handler may develop nystagmus, from a huge number of toys to choose from.

Which one to choose? That will interest MY pet? What will be the best and give the dog the most entertainment?

Virtually every dog ​​likes to play, but each in a slightly different way, so the perfect toy for a dachshund will look a bit different than the one that a bull terrier likes to play. Puppy toys and games may also differ from those recommended for adult dogs.

  • Playing with a dog
  • How much time to play with the dog?
  • Dog toys
    • Which toy to choose?
    • Types of toys

Playing with a dog

Playing with a puppy

Playing with a dog it is very important, both from the perspective of the pet and the pet's guardian.

Dogs are active and don't like boredom. If we do not provide them with the right amount of activities, physical activity or play, they will organize their own time in a way that will not necessarily be satisfactory for humans - destroying furniture, shoes or digging holes in the garden is not one of the preferred dog activities.

Keeping your dog busy with an appropriate toy, providing him with a portion of entertainment will discharge some energy, satisfy the dog's curiosity about the world and simply tire the pet out.

The game also gets the pet used to its guardian.

By devoting time to the dog, we show that it is important to us, it is also a way of socializing the dog with the human. You can include training elements in the game - the reward for the correct execution of the command may be a ball or a moment of fun.

How much time to play with the dog?

It is impossible to say how many minutes a day you should spend playing with your dog, as individual preferences are important.

It is known that it is impossible to make a dog play, but it is worth sacrificing every day at least half-hour to provide the dog with the right amount of entertainment.

Of course, puppies and prime-aged dogs will have much more energy and strength to play, so the time range I give is only a suggestion.

Dog toys

Dog toys

Since we already know that play is an important element of a dog's life, what toy should be chosen to be the most suitable for a pet?

Which toy to choose?

Let's start with what toys are not the best choice.

All toys with protruding, hard elements, made of hard plastic or other material, may pose a threat to our pet. It is normal to chew on toys, and these protruding pieces can severely injure your pooch.

Toys in the form of stuffed animals, filled with cotton wool, also pose a threat. They are easy to destroy, tear apart, and the filling of such a toy is easy to swallow.

This can pose a threat to your pet's health - it can lead to bowel obstruction or inflammation in the digestive tract.

Every toy is made of soft material that can flake or break apart inadequate.

Soft rubber balls are rather unsuitable for dogs, as they can break into smaller pieces when bitten - as in the case of stuffed animals, they are easy to swallow, and this may pose a risk of obstruction in the digestive tract.

An important aspect in choosing the right toys is age of the dog.

This is especially important in young dogs that develop a bite. It is therefore inappropriate to use toys such as tug ropes, if balls on a string - they can cause incorrect alignment of the teeth in the sockets.

Types of toys

We can divide toys into several main groups.

Educational toys

Educational toys

Educational toys for the dog they are supposed to make the dog think, keep him occupied for a long time.

Most of them work on the principle of "find and eat".

Among this group, my favorite toy is olfactory mat, which resembles a rug with very long pile.

The game is about hiding delicacies inside the mat. The dog has to find them, smell them.

You can construct the mat yourself - all you need is a bathroom mat with large meshes and some stripes made of cut fabric.

Dog toys are equally interesting congas - rubber balls to which treats should be put.

Kong for the dog

The dog has to work hard to get the delicious things, which often takes a long time.

Another toy that makes the dog think and sniff is tray with wells, which also contain delicacies.

In order not to be too easy, the dimples are covered with small lids - the dog has to pick them up or move them away to get to the food.

Educational toys often tire the dog more than walking. They are great for dogs for which physical activity is not recommended (for example, convalescents after surgery), for older dogs for whom walking is a challenge.

They may not work for very energetic dogs who find it difficult to concentrate on one activity.

With olfactory toys, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the treat is not too easily available - the dog should put at least a little effort in order to receive the prize. At the same time, looking for a reward for too long can frustrate your pet.

Educational toys are among the more expensive products, olfactory mats for the dog can be purchased from PLN 50, type toys kong - from PLN 30.

Chewing toys

Chewing toys

Chewing toys, i.e. all types of teethers, rubber cubes, larger or smaller balls, rubber hoops are fantastic during the period of puppies growing up.

During tooth replacement, the gums may be swollen and itchy. The young family member then feels an intense need to chew on everything that comes his way.

Chewing toys must be solidly constructed. The material they are made of should be flexible so as not to injure the gums, but at the same time durable enough not to delaminate in any way or detach from the whole.

They must also be adapted to the size of the dog - small enough to be easily moved and at the same time large enough to prevent accidental ingestion or choking of the toy.

Small, rubber elements that fall off the toy are often swallowed by dogs, which creates a risk of gastrointestinal obstruction.

Toys of this type do not require human interaction, the dog plays alone. Therefore, they are perfect when we cannot devote a lot of attention to the pet.

Some teethers are properly contoured and have tabs made of harder silicone or rubber, which create a surface that wipes away plaque.

They are recommended for everyday play as they help to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Dog chews are fairly cheap toys, their price may vary depending on the type of material they are made of from 10 to 40 PLN.

Ropes and jerks

Ropes and jerks

Toys that require human involvement are a lot of fun for every dog.

I will start my discussion of this group with ropes or jerks, which are most often used for pulling.

They are made of many intertwined lines with thick knots tied at their ends.

The game is about pulling the rope, wrestling with your pet. However, you have to be very careful, because too sharp jerking with too much force may violate the stability of the teeth, break the tooth or injure the jaw.

They are also not recommended for young dogs, whose teeth are not stably embedded in the sockets - playing with tearing tools may cause malocclusion in them.

In the case of this type of toys, you also need to choose the right size, depending on the size of the pet. The cords must also be regularly replaced with new ones - when the old ones are too frayed and loose threads stick out of them, it is a sign that you need to go to the pet store for another toy.

The balls on the string are also great fun. They are slightly stronger than the string itself, and they delaminate to a lesser extent.

Strings and socks can be purchased now for a dozen or so zlotys.


A dog ball

The ball is the favorite toy of most dogs.

Tennis balls are the most popular - they are also quite safe to play, they are not easily damaged and it is difficult to break them down into small elements.

Poured rubber and rubber balls, due to their flexibility, are much more likely to be chewed by dogs. However, they have a big disadvantage - it is much easier to destroy, and small elements created during the game can easily be swallowed.

It is therefore worth paying attention to whether the ball we are playing with the dog is whole and whether any fragments of the material fall off it.

Balls are great retrieving toys, but due to their size, they are easy to lose. Balls are the cheapest toys on this list, they can be bought for just 8 zlotys.



Frisbee, or the flying disc, is a great toy to play outdoors. It works especially well in dogs willing to play intensively and jumping willingly.

To encourage your dog to use this toy, first introduce him to it, play dragging, then fetch.

Once the dog starts bringing the disc to its owner, it can be thrown higher and higher.

Note that this game can be too burdensome for dogs with heart disease and in old age!


Regardless of the type of toys you choose for your pet, remember that playing is supposed to bring joy and fun - for you and your dog.

Fun and toys should be adapted to the age of the pet, its need for movement and activity.

Even the best, most expensive toys will not replace contact with the guardian. Playing with your pet is good for everyone's health.

The results of many studies show that people spending time with their pets have a much more successful life - play reduces the level of stress, allows you to relieve tension, and the effort caused by movement causes the release of endorphins.

So I wish you a lot of fun ?

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