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Fresh, something a bit

Fresh, a bit

The cat should be fed cat food adapted to the needs of its body. However, "human" food is also an appetizing morsel for him. What can we cook for a cat at home?

Canned cat food is the perfect compilation of the nutrients that our pet needs. According to his age and individual preferences, we choose the food he likes. However, to diversify his daily menu, you can add fresh food from time to time, which will not only provide a new experience for the cat's palate, but also a lot of vitamins. There is always something in our fridge that you can prepare in your free time and treat your pet with it.


The cat will eat the meat dish with gusto. These can be pieces of meat, minced meat or pieces of chicken, to the taste of the kitten. It is important that you never give it raw, it should be boiled, fried or baked. Before serving, you should remove all bones and let the meal cool. The meat can be mixed with cooked pasta, rice, potatoes or vegetables, which will provide it with additional vitamins. However, we should beware of any spices that may lead to indigestion.


We associate cats with a happy face after hunting a fish. True - they will certainly not despise fish, but in this case, they should not be fed raw food either. The white fish should be properly prepared (boiled, fried or baked) and the bones are peeled. In the case of fish, getting rid of the bones is a more difficult task, so more attention should be paid to it, as a small bone can get stuck in the throat and cause a lot of trouble for our pet. If the cat has health problems and has a poor appetite, boiled fish will be the perfect food for these days. You can also give your cat canned fish - sardine, tuna or salmon, preferably in its own sauce. Fish in oil may contribute to the relaxation of the stool, which is not harmful to its health, but is certainly inconvenient for the owners.


Cats generally do not drink milk every day, but you can give them milk or porridge (no sugar) once in a while. Such a meal, served occasionally, will make our pet happy. However, if after such a gastric disturbance is noticed, the administration of milk-based meals should be discontinued. If not, we can give him such a treat without fear. The cat will also gladly eat an egg - lightly cut, without spices - this is what it will like.

Satisfied sweetie

The products we serve should not be leftovers from the table - we always serve the cat with a meal prepared especially for it. If your cat does not eat the entire portion, you should not wait long for the rest to eat, as fresh food spoils faster. Satisfied with the meal, the cat will take care of the intensive toilet. Feeling the taste and smell of food on his face, he will want to enjoy it to the end.

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