Prevention is always better than cure! The healthy teeth of the dog are a reason for the satisfaction of the pet and its guardian. Taking care of your dog's oral hygiene also means fewer visits to the vet! For this reason, we are developing new, better methods to support your pet's health.

Taking care of your dog's teeth will not only help prevent bad breath, it will also reduce the risk of dental disease.

Research shows that bacteria found under a dog's gums can travel to the heart, kidneys and liver. 85% of all pets suffer from periodontal disease by the time they reach the age of 3, which is why caring for and cleaning your dog's teeth is so important.

No pet owner likes to see their pet suffer, so if you take care and keep your mouth healthy, you'll reduce the risk of painful tooth loss.

How Purina® DentaLife® helps you and your dog?

Dental diseases usually begin with a build-up of plaque, which later turns to calculus. This leads to tiny pockets at the border of the gums and teeth where bacteria and food debris can accumulate. Purina® DentaLife® has a unique shape with 8 different edges that clean your dog's teeth right down to the gumline, preventing plaque build-up. We all know dogs love to chew, so why not give them something to chew to help them stay healthy?

Purina® DentaLife® will help clean hard-to-reach areas in your dog's mouth. Purina® DentaLife® is scientifically proven to help reduce the formation of tartar. In addition, it helps to take care of the dog's healthy breathing.

Healthy and tasty! Purina® DentaLife® teether does not contain artificial flavors or dyes, and thanks to the right ingredients and the delicious taste of chicken, it can become your dog's favorite healthy treat.

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