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Run the dog's nose, it's a real miracle of nature [olfactory games

The dog's nose

Did you know that your dog has a magical device that "sees" much more than you do? It's his nose!

Nature did not endow the dog with a falcon, but she definitely compensated for it with her nose! His nose is even 10,000 times more sensitive than ours!

  • Interesting facts about a dog's nose
  • A dog's nose at the service of man
  • The olfactory work and problem dogs
  • Advantages of olfactory games
  • Sniffing while walking
  • Suggestions of simple olfactory games for a dog
    • Tastes in the grass and

      on the tree

    • Peekaboo
    • Olfactory games at home
    • Sniffing the box
    • Towel roll toy
    • Super olfactory mat
    • Hunting for flavors
  • Sniffing for professionals

Interesting facts about a dog's nose

Interesting facts about a dog's nose

A dog's nose is an extremely complex and advanced mechanism.

It's worth remembering that this is much more than just the black tip we see. All the complicated apparatus is hidden inside. Many scientists study this complex creation with admiration.

What do we know about him? We smile every time our pooch touches us with his cold nose and invites us to play, but that's usually it. Meanwhile, there is so much to discover!

Did you know, for example, that the outer part of a dog's nose, the black tip we see, is called


When we look closely, we will also notice many small lines and wrinkles on the black nose, which are absolutely unique for each dog. They are like human fingerprints.

Each dog's nose is also covered with a layer of mucus that cools it and allows it to accurately capture odors from the air or the ground. A dog's nose also has around 200-300 million olfactory receptors, while the human nose only has

5 million, so we have nothing to brag about!

Already blind puppies use their little nose for

find their mother and thus their nourishment. Without this sense, it would be difficult for them to survive.

If anyone else has doubts as to how much a dog's nose is better than ours, I would add that the area in the brain responsible for recognizing smells in dogs is almost 40 times larger than in humans (relative to the size of their brains).

Dogs are also not faced with the choice of whether to breathe or sniff.

Interesting smells come in the upper part of the olfactory chamber, and the air in the lower part, so there is no conflict between them.

They can also easily move one nostril once and then the other, thanks to which they are better able to locate where the smell is coming from.

Of course, dogs with a longer muzzle will have an easier task and will be better at sensing scents than dogs with short muzzles such as French Bulldogs and Pugs.

So if you are looking for a dog to track, seriously consider whether a small dog with a flattened mouth will make you ashamed ?

A dog's nose at the service of man

A dog's nose at the service of man

A dog's nose is useful not only for dogs, but also for people.

It has been used by the police for a long time to detect illegal substances at airports or border crossings, to search for people under avalanches in the mountains, to track game during hunting in forests, and recently, more and more often in medicine, to detect cancer cells in patients.

A Day in the Life of Airport Detector Dogs
Watch this video on YouTube

Dogs also use their nose to analyze the emotional state of their guardians, they know very well when we are stressed or afraid, or when an epilepsy attack is approaching in sick people.

Most of all, however, dogs pick up information about the world with their noses. Both about past events and those to come.

The olfactory work and problem dogs

The olfactory work

On a daily basis I work as a behaviorist with dogs that have various behavioral disorders and very often use olfactory games as an excellent support for therapy.

For a dog, olfactory work is not only a source of information, it is also a fantastic relaxation, pleasure and intellectual stimulation. Kind of like solving crosswords or sudoku for people ?

In the case of overactive dogs, I invite them to olfactory games to calm them down and calm them down.

It is also an excellent method of focusing their attention, because they often have a problem with it.

When they are given a task, they have to stop for a moment and think about how to solve it, and at the same time they relax beautifully, wagging their tail with joy.

When I work with dogs that have a low mood, are fearful, lack self-confidence, I know that doing a few olfactory games will relax them very nicely, and at the same time have a positive effect on their psyche, that they managed to solve the task and achieve success.

For puppies, it's also a great way to discharge these volcanoes of energy and enthusiasm.

Otherwise, they will have to discharge, for example

ripping, with their sharp teeth as pin-sharp teeth, our favorite sofa cushion, or mistreating our child's teddy bear.

The emotions of dog keepers are also important during olfactory games - when they see that their dogs are having a great time, they themselves start to enjoy themselves with them. And dogs perfectly sense the emotions of their owners and this also influences their mood!

Advantages of olfactory games

Advantages of olfactory games

The olfactory work should not be reserved only for dogs with problems - it is an excellent solution for all pets!

You know what happens to your dog when he snooping around freely?

  • relaxes and calms down,
  • his relationship with the guardian improves,
  • the dog is positively tired and discharges,
  • exercises your gray cells,
  • motivates to combine,
  • focuses his attention by focusing on one activity,
  • mutes,
  • his level of satisfaction increases,
  • the dog successfully fights boredom,
  • and finally receives an additional reward in the form of flavors.

That is why your dog will never get bored of olfactory games!

Sniffing while walking

Sniffing while walking

Now for the task: take a close look at your dog as you walk.

Once your physiological needs are taken care of (remember that a nice walk is much more than a quick lap around the house "pee "), the real fun begins!

The dog stops by an apparently random bush and lets its nose move.

He sniffs leaves, twigs, grass solemnly, and you see how the cogs in his head are working.

Your dog is collecting information that is extremely important to him about the dogs that were here before him.

About their condition, what they ate, how old they are, and whether the bitch who pissed on the bush in front of him might want to flirt a little ?

Even if you are already late for work, well, you have to explain to the boss that the dog had to run his nose through the entire lawn and should not be disturbed!

For a dog, sniffing is like browsing a Facebook page or reading a newspaper, nobody likes to be interrupted by these important activities! Because a good and decent walk is not only a physical discharge of a dog, but also an intellectual stimulation of its senses.

Suggestions of simple olfactory games for a dog

The olfactory games

Nowadays, when every minute of the day is precious, our dogs can't fully enjoy their snooping but take it easy because now we can easily change it!

There are some simple patents for quick and fun olfactory games that will make your dog a lot of fun!

Tastes in the grass and

on the tree

Let's say you are with your dog for a walk.

Maybe instead of throwing him a stick for the hundredth time, from which your hand hurts, throw him some flavors in the grass and tell him to look for them? The dog will immediately start sniffing wildly for treats!

In general, use whatever you find on your walk in a creative way.

For example, you see a cool tree with rough bark in the park?


Hide the treats in the bark at the level of the dog's nose and encourage him to search the whole tree and find out where the delicious treats are hidden.

Or maybe you can see a pile of autumn leaves?

Toss your dog's favorite ball inside and ask them to find it.

He will start to sniff, inhaling the sweet scent of the leaves, and finally he will find his beloved, lost ball. Phew!


You can also play hide and seek with your dog.

Hide behind a tree in the forest and your dog, sniffing, will have to find you.

Your scent will be everywhere - on the ground you move on to reach the tree and in the wind that blows towards the dog, bringing your scent particles.

Dogs are really smart and sensitive to the smell, so they will find you easily.

You can also scatter a few rags with your scent on the ground (use scraps made of your old clothes, for example), creating a trail that will lead the dog to you.

When the dog finds you, give him a great treat and reward your genius tracker for his effort!

Of course, play hide and seek with your head.

If your dog likes to stray from the trail and run away into a blue distance, it is better to have the other person hold him on a long and free line so that he will not go anywhere in the fun frenzy.

Olfactory games at home

A house or apartment is also a great place for olfactory work!

Especially in winter, when the weather outside the window does not feel like long walks, and the dog would like to have some fun, not just sit on the couch and watch a game show on TV.

As you may have noticed, dogs often get bored of the toys they have access to on a daily basis.

After all, how much can you play with the same squeaking pig (okay, it was a long time), or with a jerk that has its best days long behind it, and has fewer threads than the hair on the old man's head?

Sniffing the box

Then we enter the action, using old boxes (for example, for shoes or courier packages), egg casings or rolls of paper towels as part of healthy recycling.

All you need to do is use your imagination and creativity, and you will quickly find a lot of items at home that we can use!

Put strong-smelling treats into the empty box and make holes in the box, small enough so that the tastes don't fall out when the dog turns the box upside down.

The point is for the dog to feel the intense smell of treats through the holes.

Then we close the box and give it to the dog to "disassemble ".

Its mission is to bring out the flavors inside.

The dog is busy and happy, and we have time for ourselves.

But let's agree that we will watch our dog struggle with the box anyway and make flushed videos that we will later send to our family and social media, because it is usually an extremely cheerful and charming sight.

I know what I am saying ?

Towel roll toy

In the case of a paper towel roll, the toy is made a little differently.

First, we bend one end, throw in the flavors and close the other end so that they do not fall out.

If the dog does not realize that there are treats inside, we can unseal the closure to let the smell out, or make holes in the roll, just like in a box.

Of course, before we give the dog such a toy, we must make sure that he is not a fan of cellulose and he will not eat cardboard instead of treats ?

And we have to accept the fact that after such fun we will have to clean up cardboard scraps, but this is a small price for great entertainment!

Super olfactory mat

I also often use olfactory mats in my work with dogs.

You can order them online or make them yourself, which I strongly encourage you to do, because it's great fun.

To create a mat, all you need is a rubber grille with eyelets (for example, one from a sink or doormat) and an old fleece fabric or a blanket.

Now just cut the fleece into longitudinal strips of equal length and tie it on the rubber grate. The thicker the mat, the better the fun.

Then we pour the strong-smelling flavors inside (tiny rumen, fish or liver delicacies almost always work out).

Your dog's job is to sniff out all the treats that are hidden in the mat.

Hunting for flavors

Another great fun is the so-called "Sniffari ", i.e. sniffing (from English: "to sniff ") combined with a safari.

In other words - hunting for flavors!

If you have a garden, you can play with your dog there, and if not, a room is enough.

When your dog is in another room, you quickly spread out a few treats in different places, you can bury them so that they still smell strongly, and then you let your dog into the room, inviting him to find treats!

If you have a garden, these must of course be suitable larger delicacies so that the dog has a chance to smell them in a larger space.

Sniffing for professionals

If you're really serious about using your pooch's sense of smell, consider enrolling him in a nasal or tracking class.

You don't have to have a hunting dog right away, amateurs will do just fine too.

Finally, I strongly encourage every dog ​​fan to start their adventure with olfactory games.

You don't need professional equipment, too much free time, or a trained dog at home.

It's really super easy and will bring your dog a lot of fun, I guarantee!

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