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Save the cat's life - introduction

Save the cat's life - introduction

Probably most of us know how important minutes and even seconds are in a life-threatening situation. Probably most of us have heard about cases where a man was saved thanks to the quick help of another man. Probably most of us know that it would not be possible without the knowledge of the basic principles of first aid.
And finally - most of us probably do not know these elementary rules of conduct in life-threatening situations.

And what if it depends on us the life of our or other cat we meet? It is obvious that in such situations it is necessary to transport the purr to a veterinarian as soon as possible, however - as in the case of a human, also in the case of a cat - the seconds that will save its life may turn out to be invaluable. Therefore, it is worth knowing the basic principles of first aid, because we never know when we will be in a situation in which we will present ourselves as a doctor.

In the following articles, important tips will be presented on how to behave in various life-threatening situations, as well as less dangerous ones, how to complete a cat first aid kit, which will largely contribute to faster intervention on our part, and how to control the health of our pet.

Basic help for a cat does not differ much from the help given to a human. It is important to move the injured quadruped to a safe place, taking care not to worsen its condition. It should be remembered that an animal in a panic (eg. after a car accident and thus a strong shock) may behave aggressively and hurt us. Be self-controlled and stay calm. Let's not forget that the kitten has no idea that we want to help him, so it's worth ensuring his safety, for example. support of another person who will hold the cat while we are helping him. And, of course, take your cat to a veterinarian as soon as possible for specialist assistance. If we do not have such an opportunity, it is worth having the telephone number of any clinic or animal shelter with us, which we will be able to quickly inform about the event.

Let us not pass by suffering animals indifferently.

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