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Save the cat's life - burns

Save the cat's life - burns

Cats are very curious creatures. They can stick their little nose everywhere and thus cause a lot of losses. However, as long as these losses are safe from the point of view of our pet's health, we ourselves can feel confident and only learn to endure his conservative antics. Their research efforts, however, do not always have to end only with urging on our part.

It happens that a hanging cable from an iron or an electric kettle is a perfect toy for our kitten. Therefore, it is worth knowing the rules of conduct in the event that our ward finds himself in a situation in which he can only count on our help.

Cat burns can be caused by many factors. The most common are:

  • chemical burns - these are extremely dangerous burns, so remember that all cleaning products should be unavailable to our cat
  • scalding with water or other hot liquid - caused most often by the water boiling in the electric kettle or by giving too hot food by the caregiver (always check its temperature before serving)
  • electric burn - cats are often interested in various types of cables, which then bite, which causes burns most often in their mouths
  • sunburn - in most cases, cats that do not have hair, but can also appear on the ears and noses of all cats

A cold compress (it can be ice) consisting of a towel moistened with cool water should be applied to the burned area as soon as possible. You can also try giving your cat plenty of fluids, especially cool water. It is also worth getting a special cooling cat ointment for burns, especially if the burn affects a small area of ​​the skin.

In the case of chemical burns, rinsing off the caustic substance with water is required, wearing rubber gloves to protect the hands from the corrosive material.

In the event of electric burns, immediately cut off the electricity supply that caused the burn. If the cat's face is burned, it should be immediately cooled with cold water or a damp towel.

It should be remembered that regardless of the effects of our actions, we should immediately go to a veterinarian who will provide the injured cat with specialist help.

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