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Your dog runs away and does not respond to the call? Check how to unlearn your dog to run away

Your dog runs away and does not respond to the call?

Your the dog runs away?

Maybe you received another call from your neighbors who informed you that your pooch was he is on their property again?

Again, you have to go to the nearest shelter to recover your four-legged loss?

You have enough the constant escapes of his dog?

You are ashamed in front of your neighbors that you are constantly looking for him?

Read the article below and you'll find out from it:

  1. Why does the dog run away?
  2. How to prevent your pet from constantly escaping?
  3. Is the application of electric shepherd it's a good way of dog vagrancy?
  • Why does the dog run away?
  • How to teach your dog to run away?
  • Invisible fence for a dog

Why does the dog run away?

Why does the dog run away?

Each animal, apart from the race it represents, has its own individual character, temperament and personality.

Probably your friends are talking about their pets and you hear that one pet is a born athlete, and another would like to lie on the couch with the owner all day long.

When you decided to have a dog, you may have had some idea of ​​it.

If you lead an active lifestyle, you have planned your walks, bike trips or even long journeys with him?

If you are a homebody, you probably imagined spending summer afternoons with your pet in your backyard gazebo.

Either way, if you've consciously considered and made a decision about owning a dog, then you've probably chosen a breed consistently for your lifestyle as well.

You probably know that if you are a physically inactive person, you will not be able to provide the basic needs of a Border Collie, Alaskan Malamute or Belgian Malinois.

The French bulldog, on the other hand, will not keep up with the man who runs every day.

The conscious owner of the dog knows that the pet must satisfy its basic needs, such as:

  • social contact with people,
  • mental stimulation - learning,
  • biting,
  • chewing,
  • fun - activity,
  • exploration of the area,
  • sniffing,
  • social contacts with your species.

What happens if you don't provide it to the dog?

Exactly, the result of such neglect may be, among other things, escapes

The dog usually runs away from the property when it is bored.

Imagine that you spend your whole life alone on a 20 ares property, where you already know every corner, bush and tree by heart.

In addition, you rarely leave such a place, and contact with people is limited only to a short time, which is a meal?

And if the whole canine world is contained in four square meters of the pen?

Do you realize how bad such an animal feels??

Escape for such a pet is a chance to meet your needs: sniffing, getting to know a new area, contact with other people and animals.

Remember that dogs are very social animals and suffer when they spend most of their time on property alone.

But not only negligence on the part of the owner can be the cause of the dog's vagrancy.

It happens that the remaining adult dogs have the tendency to run away adopted be taken in.

In these situations, you don't know what the animal's past has had.

You do not know if you are his first or any other guardian.

Or maybe the pooch grew up earlier and lived only on the street?

If this was the case, the pet learned this mode of existence and now in a closed space it is difficult for him to get used to the monotony of everyday life.

So it can act like the one in the video below

dog going under a fence
Watch this video on YouTube

How to teach your dog to run away?

How to teach your dog to run away?

First of all, be prepared for the fact that you need to spend a lot of time on your dog.

Also start observing the pooch.

Perhaps the reason for his notorious escapes is the neighbor's bitch or another who lives on your or the next street?

If so, consider neutering your pet to silence it hormonally.

You have to start doing this to become "attractive" to your pet. More attractive than the situations encountered while walking alone.

How to do it?

Start going out with your pet on long walks.

Make an appointment with friends who also have dogs so that they can spend some time together.

Learn to both spend time having fun together.

Or maybe you will start practicing some sport? Disciplines such as:

  • agility,
  • obedience,
  • canicross,
  • bikejoring,
  • dogtrekking,
  • dogfrisbee,
  • mantrailing,
  • mantracking.

If your pet is intolerant to other animals, it is worth starting with training your dog.

Work with him on his behavior. Teach him the basic commands.

You will see how much fun it is when the dog starts to come to your call, react to his name or retrieve a ball thrown to him.

Know that every time you devote to him will pay off a hundredfold.

Over time, the authority you build will start to bear fruit - when you become a valuable resource for the dog, and your relationship will be the whole world for him, then the pooch will definitely consciously choose your company instead of pointless escapes and lonely trips around the area.

Invisible fence for a dog

What is an invisible dog fence?

And you can take shortcuts somehow?

For those who do not want to devote their free time to their dog, the purchase of an electronic pen comes to mind.

Wouldn't it be easier and faster?

Unfortunately, this does not seem to be a good solution

Electronic dog farm, i.e. the so-called. invisible fencing for a dog, is a system designating an area for dogs.

The invisible fence for a dog consists of:

  • the power supply unit,
  • fence wire,
  • collar generating an electrical impulse at the moment when the pooch is approaching the border of the catwalk.

So in short it looks like this:

when the dog approaches the fence (according to the manufacturer's assumption, when he goes to the fence to overcome it and escape), then he is electrocuted.

The problem is that dogs approach the border of their property not only to escape.

And what if you come home and your pet runs towards you to say hello to you and is then electrocuted??

He may then perceive it in such a way that you should not be trusted, because for reasons unknown to him, contact with you may be very uncomfortable and painful.

And if the neighbor's children walk along the property and call the quadruped's name?

Again, the dog receives a painful electrical impulse for the joyful approach to the fence.

You know what the consequence of this is?

That the dog will start to associate passers-by and animals running along the fence with the pain they feel.

Electric shepherd dog

And if you have a well-socialized dog that likes contact with humans, likes children and other dogs, know that the use of this type of device will arouse aggression in the animal (because if the sight of a human causes pain, the animal will naturally react aggressively to it).

Although the use of electric farm will solve the problem of the dog's escapes, in fact, such a fence will cause additional suffering for the dog.

Not only will he still not satisfy his needs, to feel good naturally, to discharge the accumulated energy and frustration, but also to a lot of pain and stress.

As a consequence, the dog may start to behave unpredictably, which may lead to aggressive behavior, as well as using the dog's anti-barking collar.


What to do when the dog runs away? Why does the dog run away from home? Most often due to the negligence of their guardians.

Every responsible dog owner must be aware that the pet has its own needs that we should satisfy.

Taking a shortcut, which is the use of an electric pen, is not a good solution.

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