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The domination theory is not working! Check how to train and raise a dog

The theory of domination

For years, it was believed that the use of dominance theory was the only way to get a dog under control.

Meanwhile, there are other, much better methods for this, and the theory of domination rightly loses its supporters.

In this article, you will learn what these methods are and how to train a dog by raising, not training, a pet.

The dog cannot pass first in the door, he is not allowed to eat a meal in front of the owner, putting his head on a human's knee is unacceptable audacity and playing with a jerk opens the black list of prohibited activities.

Only strict adherence to these rules will guarantee that the wolf lurking in the flesh of our furry body will not win the internal fight, and will save us from the fate of the shamefully dominated, meaningless beta individuals. Two-legged, of course.

Unfortunately, the above paragraph makes perfect sense to many people.

It is an infamous aftermath domination theory, which conquered the minds of people dealing with animals many years ago and so far has not been completely eliminated.

  • Why The Dominance Theory Is Wrong?
    • The dominance theory is a burden not only for dogs, but also for humans
  • Why rules are important to a dog?
  • I raise, I do not train
  • A Better Way to Train Your Dogs
  • To sum up

Why The Dominance Theory Is Wrong?

Why The Dominance Theory Is Wrong?

The theory of domination is based on the observation of wolves and an attempt to transfer their behavior system to modern dogs living in human families.

However, a few important facts related to the functioning of this theory cannot be overlooked.

Observing wolves in natural conditions was a technical challenge, so it was often limited to observing groups of individuals in confinement.

In unnatural conditions and under high stress, animals presented a completely different model of behavior.

The genetic similarity between dogs and wolves goes back 99%, while the human and the chimpanzee 98.7%. Anyone want a banana?

In the process of domestication over thousands of years, dogs had to develop a series of behaviors to adapt them to life among humans. Over time, their reactions have changed a lot.

The dominance theory assumes that dogs and humans are constantly competing with each other for a position in the herd, and the result of this competition depends only on a few rules out of context.

In animals, force skirmishes and establishing physical domination are not often chosen - the fight weakens and is not pleasant, so wise individuals give it up.

The dominance theory is a burden not only for dogs, but also for humans

Nobody wants to consciously agree that his dog "dominated ".

Therefore, such an arrangement causes frustration in the owners and leads to unnecessary stress.

The problem with the behavior of the pet immediately becomes an emotional problem for a human (my dog ​​is naughty because he doesn't respect me, or rather because I let him not respect me, I don't respect me).

With such a surface, it is very difficult to work on a dog-human pair. We start right away in a difficult, completely unnecessary conflict.

Why rules are important to a dog?

The theory of domination assuming the order of eating, walking in the doorway, playing, stroking; it teaches in an unpleasant, ineffective and competitive way, but it teaches


People who put these assumptions into practice may have seen some kind of improvement in their dog's behavior.

This was not because the dog understood that humans were alpha, but because they had any boundaries.

Rules illogical for an animal, sometimes completely abstract, but still

So let's think what effects we can achieve when the boundaries we set are wise, logical and understandable?

I raise, I do not train

Training the dog

A force-based arrangement does not always pay off.

But you can take advantage of the fact that animals like


For them, work for people is a driving force, pleasure, and building self-confidence.

And I'm not just talking about "real " dog work in the police or on farms.

For dogs, even an ordinary "sit " on command, after which they will get a treat - this is some form of income.

Then we confirm the dog in the belief that if he does something for us - he will get what he cares about in return. We give him a goal in life, we give him the opportunity to work on resources.

A good guide senses the animal's needs and allows him to behave well earn to satisfy them.

Thanks to such guidance, the dog is happier, and we learn to lead it not by the strength of muscles but by the strength of our cunning.

A Better Way to Train Your Dogs

Dogs training

The existence and happiness of a dog depend on human contact.

After all, we have all the most important things for the dog in life. We have food, we have fantastic toys, we have a collar and leash for a dog to go out for a walk and a wonderful ability to open every door.

We are couch managers and main operators of the flying ball.

If we add wise upbringing, understanding dogs' needs and a little self-confidence, no terrible alpha wolf will threaten us.

To sum up

Upbringing a puppy

Let's forget about arguments and rivalry.

Let's not think that our dog is lurking on us and that every display of his bad behavior is a blow to our dignity.

Let's focus on being a sensible guide.

What a dog needs in life is consistency, wise rules and showing him better choices.

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What do you think about domination theory??

You have experience training a dog?

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