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Dog harness: pressure-free, car and Norwegian

Dog harness

Dog harness are a fantastic alternative to a collar.

They do not tighten around the neck, do not cause unpleasant pressure, and at the same time, if they fit well, they guarantee control over the animal. They are available in many color variants, there are many colors, patterns and models.

However, every dog ​​is different, so choosing the right harness is not the easiest thing to do.

Which ones will be perfect for small breeds and which ones for large breeds?

Are harnesses good for every dog?

Which harness to choose so that it serves the pet well, does not cause injuries and at the same time is adapted to the dog's work or activity?

How to wear them and what to suggest when buying a harness?

I will try to dispel any doubts in this article.

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Dog harness

Pressure-free harness for a dog

Why the harness is considered a safer alternative to the collar?

Due to their design, they cause a different distribution of forces during a walk than in the case of a collar - when the dog pulls the handler, the collar tightens around his neck.

In some breeds, predisposed to the development of tracheal defects, or in dogs with a history of asthma, respiratory or cardiovascular diseases, it is very dangerous. The harness is then an absolute must.

In addition, in the case of dogs that have enormous amounts of energy and drag the handler behind them during walks, the use of a dog collar and leash may cause suffocation, neck and neck injuries.

In this case, the harness is also a safer alternative for the health of the pet, because it does not cause choking, and the pressure is exerted on several points (on the forearms, the entrance to the chest), not only on the neck.

Types of harness

There are several main groups of braces. The first are walking harness, recommended for everyday use during normal, leisurely walks, for dogs that are rather calm. Within this group, two types of structures are the most popular:

  • guard harness for a dog (consisting of two circles connected by a strap running on the back - one is worn around the neck, the other - around the chest)
  • step-in harness (two triangles into which you need to insert the dog's feet, surrounding the pet's chest, the fastening buckle is on the back).

These are the most universal harnesses, they come in many sizes and colors. However, they are not suitable for dogs that are very lively, energetic and pull their owner on walks - a simple structure may not be sufficient for a demanding pet.

They are also not recommended for sports, but rather for leisurely walks. They are easy to use, easy to put on and adjust to your pet, and also relatively cheap - their cost ranges PLN 15-60.

Norwegian dog harness

Norwegian dog harness

Norwegian harness they are more built-up, and the belts they are made of are wider and more solid.

They are a bit like a harness for a horse - they have a cross belt that runs across the dog's chest and a second belt that goes around the dog's stomach. They are equipped with an additional handle to hold the dog during a walk.

They work great for dogs with a massive build or large breeds. Some modifications of the Norwegian type harness are perfect for sled dogs or for sports.

Due to their more massive build, they are also recommended for dogs that have enormous amounts of energy and are drawn to their caregiver for walks.

Some variants of the Norwegian harness, with the place for attaching the leash shifted to the side, allow you to stop your dog from pulling too much while walking.

Their price is higher than that of regular braces and varies from 50 to 150 PLN.

Harness for puppies and dogs of small breeds

Harness for a small dog

Harness for puppies and dogs of small breeds are made of more delicate materials.

The belts they are made of are wider so that they do not stick into the delicate body of the pet, the finish is much more delicate. Some models are finished with special seams hidden inside.

The harness is more built-up, sometimes it looks a bit like a dog's clothes, some of its elements may have an elastic sewn in, which will make them fit the animal's body better. Their price varies from 50 to 70 PLN.

Harnesses for carriages

Dog sled harness

Braces are a separate category sled harnesses.

They consist of more elements, connected by numerous, adjustable clasps and clasps.

This type of harness allows you to increase the range of motion, does not constrain the animal and at the same time distributes the pulling force over many points on the dog's body. They also do not cause pressure on the respiratory tract, despite the enormous pulling force.

Due to the design, they should be carefully adjusted to the body of the pet, they should not be too loose or too tight.

It is worth considering the purchase of this type of harness when practicing sports, but depending on whether the pet is running with a bike or a sledge - the types of harness differ from each other, the method of fastening and attaching the handles.

Their price is definitely higher than that of classic stroller harnesses and varies within the limits PLN 300-350.

Dog harness for the car

Dog harness for the car

When discussing the various types of dog harness, it is impossible to ignore it car harness.

They perform several important functions - first of all, they immobilize the pet so that it does not interfere with the driver's driving.

Many dogs react quite nervously to a car ride, wandering around the inside of the car looking for a safe place. This is dangerous, especially if the pet thinks it will feel safe under the driver's feet.

Seat belts will prevent this from happening.

Secondly, just like a human seat belt, they hold your pet in place during a collision. During road incidents, a man or dog who is not fastened with seat belts has no great chance of survival, but also poses a threat to fellow passengers - he may hit the person sitting next to him with great force, causing serious injuries.

After a road accident, a pet that is not secured with seat belts may escape through a broken window or a broken door. Terror and fear give strength, a dog in such a state can move away a long distance. Both for longer journeys and for short rides, it is worth getting a dog seat belt.

What dog harness?

What dog harness?

What to consider when choosing a harness for a dog?

There are several aspects to consider.

The most important thing is, of course, the size. In order to fulfill their function properly, the harness cannot be too loose or too tight.

It is worth paying attention to where the plastic elements that regulate the length of individual belts run, whether they will not rub the delicate skin in the armpits or in the groin.

The build quality is also very important. Personally, I think that it is better to spend a little more at one time and enjoy a good quality product for a long time than spend a small amount every year on another, new dog harness.

The safety of the pet is also important - it cannot get out of the harness on its own while using it.

Another important issue is the distribution of forces on the harness - whether they do not exert too much pressure on the chest groove.

The harness must not move or fall off the dog, it should fit his body shape and build. They should be made of waterproof, easy-to-clean material, resistant to dirt.

The outer and inner layers of the harness are important - the one that is in direct contact with the dog's skin should be softer and more delicate than the outer one. Often, the inner layer of the harness is made of a mesh-like material - it allows the skin to breathe.

It is important that during the movement the elbows or knees (in the case of a harness) do not rub against the harness, especially against slightly harder elements on the seams or trim. During one walk, a dog can take several thousand steps. If the harness moves over the elbows during each of them, the dog may begin to wean them a bit while moving, and this predisposes to orthopedic problems in the future.

You should also pay attention to whether the harness is equipped with reflective elements, or whether they have handles to attach them - it is important because during night walks your pet should be noticeable.


Convenience above all

To sum up, when choosing the right harness, one should be guided primarily by comfort - the dog should feel good in them.

The functionality of the harness is equally important, because each type has a slightly different purpose. There are no universal harnesses that will work for every dog, because every dog ​​is different, unique and one of a kind.

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