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Dog barking - Why does the dog bark?

Why do dogs bark?

Whatever causes your dog to bark has one goal - to communicate to the owner what a pet is feeling. For example - if a dog is barking at a stranger, it may be trying to warn the person to keep their distance, or it wants to alert you, as its owner, to the presence of a stranger. If your dog is bored - barking is probably a way to get your attention and encourage you to play together.

In certain situations, the dog may bark excessively, which can be annoying, especially if it lasts a long time. If you notice your dog is barking excessively, first try to identify the cause of the behavior. If the problem cannot be solved by teaching your dog to cope with a stimulus (such as passing strangers) or you are unable to identify the problem, ask a canine behavior specialist (behaviorist) for advice.

Types of barking

Although barking in dogs usually sounds the same, there are many different types. Each of them is your dog's way of trying to tell you something. You are usually able to tell why your dog is barking by simply paying attention to its environment or closely observing what it may need.


Many dogs will bark at something in their environment, such as a noisy, passing car, the presence of other animals, or even reacting to the weather (e.g. storm). If this is moderate barking this is normal behavior, but you should always reassure your dog that there is nothing to fear.

If barking becomes a persistent habit that is hard to distract, talk to a canine behavior specialist about finding a solution.

There are many ways to support your dog when he is barking because he is afraid or reacts to a new stimulus unknown to him. Your dog may bark because he is afraid of loud noises such as fireworks or lightning, so always try to help him reduce his fear by creating a safe place where he can always take refuge.


A dog's barking can be caused by excitement, fear or boredom. If your dog is barking because he is bored, this is a way of getting attention. Instead of rewarding such behavior with your negative reaction (chasing or silencing) - make sure you provide your dog with relevant activities. It's perfectly normal for dogs to bark a little in order to respond to emotions, so unless it's common, don't worry!


Your dog may bark to bark to express a physical need. Dogs also bark when they need a walk to use up excess energy, so make sure your dog is getting enough exercise. But be careful, because when you teach your friend that barking is an effective way to get what he wants (for example a treat or going for a walk), your dog will force everything from you to bark!

A dog barking can be a sign of happiness, curiosity, hunger, or many other things. By observing the signs in his mood and environment, you will soon be able to understand what your friend is trying to convey - after all, this is his natural way of communicating with you!

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