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Dog leash: classic, adjustable or automatic flexi?

Dog leash

You are completing a layette for the dog?

Your dog already has a collar?

Now it's the turn of the appropriate one Dog leash.

Having a dog leash and being able to walk properly on a leash are basic skills that every dog ​​should learn. Why? Leash, collar, suspenders, it is an obligatory equipment for every four-legged friend.

Read the article below. From it you will learn:

  • How to choose the right leash for your dog?
  • What are the types of lanyards and when to use them?
  • Dog leash
  • Dog collar or harness?
  • How to choose the right leash for your dog?
  • Dog leash: types
    • Classic leash
    • Adjustable dog leash
    • Flexi dog leash
  • Lanyards for special purposes
    • Training dog leash
    • Bicycle dog leash
    • Dog leash with shock absorber
    • Ringworm for a dog

Dog leash

Why dog ​​a leash?

Why dog ​​a leash?

Dog leash, same as collar is used for controlling behavior.

Every dog, regardless of whether it lives with you in a block of flats, spending most of its time in the apartment or on the property, where it runs all day in a fenced area - should go for walks.

It is thanks to the leash that you can safely walk with your pet.

Dog collar or harness?

Collar or harness

When you buy a lanyard, you are probably wondering what it is better to attach it to?

This is how the dilemma arises:

dog collar or harness?

Every dog ​​should accept the wearing of a collar. In the first stage of a dog's life, start by learning to walk the animal in it.

Also, if you are starting your adventure with dog training, do it with a collar (the harness is not suitable for obedience training because it weakens the contact between the dog and the owner).

Harnesses, on the other hand, are perfect for practicing dog sports and are irreplaceable during common long wanderings if bicycle rides.

It is the harness that is obligatory for the musher leading the dog sled.

However, before you find out what to use on a daily basis, test both gadgets and see how your pet reacts to both of these items.

Some dogs behave much better when wearing a collar, while others feel better in a harness.

Therefore, adjust your choice to the behavior of your dog, its physical condition, the range of skills and the performance of individual commands in the field of obedience and the animal's temperament.

No matter what your dog is going to wear, the leash is an essential tool and is a must-have in situations such as:

  • visits to the veterinarian,
  • travel with a dog,
  • visiting a dog hairdresser,
  • leaving your pet at the hotel for animals,
  • dog training,
  • presenting the dog at the exhibition,
  • daily walks,
  • practicing dog sports.

How to choose the right leash for your dog?

How to choose a leash for a dog?

If you are looking for a dog leash to use on a daily basis, keep these rules in mind:

  1. The leash you choose for your dog should be used first and foremost first the utility function and then the aesthetic one.
  2. pay attention to durability and a solid finish. These features include:
    • strength of the material it is made of,
    • the strength of the fittings,
    • type of joints (rivets or sewing),
    • rifle durability.
  3. Choose the thickness of the leash according to the size of the dog. For a large pet, the leash must not be too delicate. It may result in sudden movement of the animal tearing apart or injuring the hand. Know that with thin leashes made of plastic, jerking your dog hard may injure your hand. A poorly made leash can break off, thus freeing the pooch under your control.
  4. Consider choosing the right leash first what do you need this tool for. Know that lanyards come in different lengths. Short lanyard approx. 120-150 cm is a leash that significantly restricts the animal's movement and if you want your dog to calmly explore the area, longer leashes are definitely better for it.

Dog leash: types

Classic leash

Classic dog leash

Classic dog leash it is the simplest and at the same time basic form.

It has a handle on one side, and a different type of handle on the other carabiner, to which you can attach the collar or harness.

Its length is the most common from 120 to 250 cm.

When it comes to using the material for the production of such a lanyard, there can be a lot of them, e.g.:

  • sackcloth tape,
  • polypropylene tape,
  • skin,
  • metal chain,
  • recently a fashionable rope (rope with a core is used for their production, thanks to which the rope does not change its diameter even when strongly stretched).

The price of a classic dog leash depends on the material it is made of.

The price range is very wide and varies from several to even several hundred zlotys.

Adjustable dog leash

Adjustable dog leash it is already a bit longer than the classic one.

It is finished with carabiners on both sides.

It also has metal rings sewn on the entire length of the leash, which allows you to adjust the length of the leash by switching it at different heights.

Adjustable leashes they are quite popular due to their wide use - thanks to carabiners you can attach it to a pram or in the event of heavy traffic, shorten the distance between the dog and its owner for a while.

The cost of an adjustable leash for a dog is similar to that of a classic leash.

Flexi dog leash

Flexi dog leash

Flexi dog leash has a mechanism built into the handle, thanks to which, when the dog moves forward, the leash automatically extends, adjusting its length.

You can have this leash from three to eight meters in length.

It is most often made of webbing tape be with links.

Flexi lanyards are often used by owners of small breed dogs, sometimes allowing them to move away from the owner even along the entire length of the leash.

Although flexi lanyard it has a comfortable plastic handle and in terms of costs it is not a big expense, unfortunately it is not possible to use it in every situation.

Flexi dog leash it is not suitable for teaching a dog to walk properly on a loose leash.


If the puppy goes for a walk, during which he himself, with his own strength, regulates the distance between himself and the owner, then with time he ceases to pay attention to the human, who usually lags behind on such walks.

A man following a dog is unable to make contact with his pet.

In a situation where the dog is for some reason strongly excited or scared, on a flexi leash at a great distance from you, then you will not be able to control your pet.

In such a case, executing any command from the dog is almost a miracle.

Flexi lanyard teaches the dog that he must push to pull out the leash and thus move forward.

In one sentence - the pooch learns that in order to move forward, he must pull with all his strength.

That is why I recommend using this type of leash only to keepers whose dogs have flawlessly mastered the art of walking on a loose leash and proper foot walking.

How it looks and works automatic flexi leash for a dog you can also see in the video below

flexi VARIO - the new retractable dog leash generation
Watch this video on YouTube

Lanyards for special purposes

Training dog leash

The longest leash is training rope.

Cord length 10 - 15 meters it is used in training and training work.

It helps to maintain contact with the dog while working.

The cost of such a line is an expense of the order from several to several dozen zlotys.

Bicycle dog leash

If you plan to take your dog for bike rides, get a specially designed one dog leash with extension arm.

Bicycle leash for a dog is of the correct length and damper, which greatly facilitates the control of the dog while driving.

The boom prevents the dog from falling under the wheels of the bicycle.

The cost of such a set is already an expense of several hundred zlotys, but it is mandatory if you want to go on bicycle trips with your dog.

Remember, however, before you attach your dog to a bicycle leash, familiarize him with the bicycle and proper behavior during such a walk.

Carry out appropriate training with him, thus preparing the dog for safe and correct behavior with a cycling bike.

Dog leash with shock absorber

It's a lanyard with a sewn-in shock absorber to absorb jerks.

These types of accessories are an ideal solution for people who actively spend time with their pet - practicing sports such as canicrossing if dogtrekking.

Ringworm for a dog

Ringworm for a dog

Ring Tongue for a dog used when presenting purebred dogs at shows.

This type of leash resembles a classic one, except that it has an adjustable loop at the end. The loop is a form of a dog collar.

If we put a dog in a ring show, you have to adjust its width and color to the size, color and breed of the dog.

Remember to ringworm It was unobtrusive and the color was not a contrast to the color of your pet's coat.


What dog leash to choose?

Today, the market that offers dog accessories is full of various types of leashes.

You can easily obtain this type of accessories, meeting your individual requirements according to your financial capabilities.

When buying a leash, collars or harness, pay attention to the quality of the product and its durability.

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