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It is impossible to know everything ? That is why the articles that you can find on What in Piszcza are developed using our own clinical experience and literature dedicated to veterinarians.

We want them to be substantive, but at the same time understandable to all readers.

We use:.in. With:

  1. Clinical practice: dogs | Hans G. Niemand, Peter F. Suter, Barbara Kohn | Galaxy | 2011
  2. Clinical practice: cats | Marian C. Horzinek, Hans Lutz, Vera Schmidt | Galaxy | 2008
  3. Infectious diseases of pets | NS .Winiarczyk, Z. Grądzki | 2002
  4. Internal diseases of small animals | R.In Nelson, C.G. Couto | 2016
  5. Aggressive behavior in dogs | James O Heare | Galaxy | 2010
  6. Infectious diseases of dogs and cats | Graig E. Greene | Galaxy
  7. Cardiology of dogs and cats | Larry P. Tilley, Francis W.K. Smith Jr., Mark A. Oyama, Meg M. Sleeper | Elsevier
  8. Intensive therapy for dogs and cats | Wayne E. Wingfield | SGGW
  9. Small Animal Emergency and Intensive Care Handbook | Douglass K. Macintire, Kenneth J. Drobatz, Steven C. Haskins, William D.
    Saxon | Galaxy
  10. The first aid compation for dogs & cats | Amy D. Shojai
  11. Small Animal Surgery | Theresa Welch Fossum | Elsevier
  12. Animal parasitology and parasitosis | J. NS. Gundły, A.B. Sadzikowski | PWRiL
  13. Canine mast cell tumors | Estera Zawłocka-Hutny, Johan de Vos, Wojciech Hildebrand
  14. Canine mast cell tumor - current literature review | Rafał Sapierzyński
  15. Tumors of the musculoskeletal system in dogs and cats | Rafał Sapierzyński
  16. Mammary gland tumors in dogs and cats | Rafał Sapierzyński
  17. Tumors of the hematopoietic tissue in dogs and cats | Rafał Sapierzyński
  18. Tumors of the musculoskeletal system in dogs and cats | Rafał Sapierzyński
  19. Post-injection sarcomas in cats - a review of the current literature | Katarzyna Kliczkowska, Rafał Sapierzyński
  20. Tumors of the skin and subcutaneous tissue | Rafał Sapierzyński, Edyta Sapierzyńska
  21. Brachycephalic airway syndrome in dogs | Andreea - Bianca BOFAN, Iuliana IONASCu, Alexandru SONEA
  22. Mitral valve endocardiosis - rupture of the left atrium. A case report. | Katarzyna Kraszewska
  23. Heart valve disease in dogs | Adrian Boswood
  24. Diseases of the circulatory and respiratory systems of dogs and cats | Mike W.NS. Martin, Brendan M. Corcoran
  25. Interpretation of canine and feline urinalysis | Dennis J. Chew, Stephen P. DiBartola
  26. Outline of diagnostics and therapy of diseases of the urinary system of dogs and cats | Zbigniew Jarocki
  27. Canine and feline nephrology and urology | Jonathan Elliott and Gregory F. Grauer, ed. First editions by Roman Lechowski
  28. Treacherous stones - an overview of urolithiasis in dogs and cats | Mary Bowles
  29. Outline of veterinary pharmacotherapy | Prof.dr hab.Zbigniew Roliński
  30. Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology | Tomasz Maślanka
  31. Veterinary toxicology - selected issues | Dariusz Barski, Anna Pantswska
  32. Behavioral medicine of dogs and cats | Debra F.Horowitz Daniel S.Milis | Galaktyka Publishing House
  33. Nutritional guidelines for complete and complementary food for cats and dogs. The European Pet Food Industry Federation. Development of the Polish version: Polish Association of Pet Food Producers.
  34. A review of feline nutrition | NS. Kantorosinski, W.B.Morrison.
  35. Nutritional problems in cats: taurine deficiency and vitamin A excess | K.C. Hayes
  36. Do cats really need more protein? | QR Rogers, J.G. Morris
  37. My Einstein on four legs | Liane Rauch | Bellona publishing house
  38. Conference materials

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