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Dog diapers: what to choose and how to fit a diaper?

Dog diapers

The problem of urinary incontinence is increasing in animals, especially in elderly dogs.

The awareness of caregivers has increased, veterinarians are trying to maintain the highest level of care provided, which results in the development of veterinary geriatrics.

Unfortunately, the Creator did not succeed in old age - it happens that an elderly pet has problems with seeing, hearing and urinating.

In such cases, they work great diapers for dogs.

This is not the only circumstance in which it is worth using them.

They are helpful during the heat or for young puppies in special circumstances.

How to choose the right size? What to look for when buying?

I will try to introduce you to the topic of dog diapers in the article below.

  • Dog diapers
  • Diapers for a bitch in heat
  • Diapers for dogs with urinary incontinence
  • Puppy diapers
  • Hygienic pads for a dog
  • How to choose the size of a dog's diaper?
  • How to care for a dog that wears diapers?

Dog diapers

Dog diaper

Before introducing diapers for everyday use, it is worth considering whether they are one hundred percent necessary.

There is no doubt that it is worth implementing them during the heat, but if the dog suffers from urinary incontinence, it is worth going to the veterinarian first, diagnosing the pet and determining the cause of the disease.

Dog diapers are not much different from those used for babies.

There are disposable and reusable versions, made of cotton or tetra-like materials.

They have a shape that is adapted to the dog's body shape, an absorbent core and a tail opening (which is worth plugging if the dog has a dewclaw).

In fact, instead of dog diapers, you can use baby diapers - they have more sizes and can often be better adapted to the dimensions of the animal.

Diapers for a bitch in heat

Diapers for a bitch in heat

Every dog ​​lady's guardian knows how strenuous heat can be.

Vaginal bleeding may take up to three weeks.

Some breeds have so-called white or bloodless heat in which bleeding is not observed.

However, most unsterilized females are in heat with very clear symptoms.

In addition, in addition to noticeable staining, there are symptoms such as anxiety, spinning aimlessly, nervousness - it happens that absolutely the entire apartment is covered with stains.

In such cases, it is worth using diapers intended for this time.

There is a disposable version, resembling regular diapers, and reusable panties with disposable absorbent pads.

It is very important to put on the absorbent core correctly and to choose the right size of the panties - only then is there a guarantee that there will be no leakage.

If you need to use diapers or inserts, remember to change them regularly.

Blood is a great breeding ground for bacteria, and moisture close to the delicate reproductive organs can cause chafing and skin damage in this area.

A change every 3-4 hours in a medium heat is an absolute minimum.

The cost of reusable panties for dogs is about PLN 20, the cost of absorbent pads is about PLN 30 per package.

Diapers for dogs with urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence has various causes - intense inflammation, paresis or paralysis of the nerves in the lumbar region, trauma, or cancer.

Sometimes with age, the strength of the sphincters weakens or, on the contrary, excessive contraction, which may also cause urinary incontinence.

Regardless of the cause, it is a disease that is troublesome for the owners of the animal.

An animal that leaves urine trails behind when it walks may require diapers.

In the case of females, you can use reusable panties with inserts, as in the case of heat, but it is worth paying attention to the level of absorbency of such inserts - during heat you need less absorbency than in the case of urinary incontinence.

For males, however, it is worth using dog diapers - due to the anatomical structure of the dog, it is necessary to use a high-waisted diaper, so that the opening of the urethra is hidden in it.

However, before using diapers, it is necessary to examine your pet - perhaps the cause of urinary incontinence is a bacterial infection, which can be managed with appropriate therapy.

Again, it is very important to change diapers regularly.

The area around the mouth of the urethra can also get chaf, and dogs that stay in soaked diapers for a long time are at risk of ascending urinary tract infections.

The cost of diapers depends on their size and ranges from PLN 20 to PLN 60 per package.

Puppy diapers

In the case of young puppies that have a problem with keeping clean, it would be tempting to use a diaper.

Unfortunately, this is only a temporary stop of the problem - a dog with a diaper will not learn to urinate and defecate in designated areas.

It is definitely better to be patient and spend some time training your young pet.

However, in special cases, such as, for example, a long journey or using public transport, it is worth wearing a diaper for the puppy's comfort and for the comfort of your pet.

Also in this case, I would like to remind you to change the diaper frequently.

Hygienic pads for a dog

Hygienic pads for a dog are an invaluable help in learning how to clean young puppies and in all travels.

They should also be classified as dog diapers.

I think everyone knows what they look like. The absorbent core is distributed over the entire surface of the underlay, protected from the bottom with a foil so that it does not leak.

As I mentioned, they are an invaluable help in learning to clean at home - first we teach the puppy that all physiological needs should be taken care of with the undercoat, then only with the undercoat we move outside.

In dogs with paresis, they can be used when the area around the anus or the mouth of the urethra is severely irritated, when there are abrasions or pressure ulcers and wounds must have access to air.

When caring for animals, it is worth having a few sleepers in stock for an unexpected trip or food poisoning of the pet and a sudden attack of diarrhea.

It is good to cover the bottom of the transporter with sleepers while driving.

The undercoat should be replaced after each dirt. A package of hygienic liners costs about 30 - 50 PLN, depending on the size.

How to choose the size of a dog's diaper?

As with humans, the size of a dog's diaper should be chosen based on the size of the pet.

It is worth carefully measuring the distance between the limbs and the circumference of the animal's waist to avoid a mistake in size.

As mentioned above, if you need to use diapers, you can use diapers intended for people - in this case, you should additionally cut a hole for the tail.

In the case of males, care should be taken to ensure that the diaper covers the opening of the urethra.

How to care for a dog that wears diapers?

First of all, it is important to change diapers frequently.

A dog cannot wear one diaper a day, and one cannot "forget" to change a diaper.

A humid environment is conducive to chafing and loosening of the skin, which becomes very delicate and sensitive to damage.

If you need to use diapers constantly, it is worth shortening the hair in the perineum area as much as possible for hygiene purposes and so that wet hair does not irritate the surrounding tissues.

After each diaper change, it is worth taking particular care of the dog's cleanliness - it is good to wash your pet and wipe it dry.

It is also worth carefully examining the skin under the diaper for damage to the epidermis, bedsores or tissue maceration.

In the event of suspected skin infection, it is necessary to change the diapers to pads so that the damage has access to air, and give your pet at least a few days of rest from diapers.

You should also report the problem to the veterinarian who is in charge of the case.

It is necessary to carefully check if the diaper is of the right size, if it does not cause any abrasions in the groin, if the elastic band is too tight to the abdomen.

The level of absorption of the diaper is important - not all diapers absorb moisture the same, it should be adjusted to individual needs.

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