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Cat shelves - types, prices, mounting methods, prices

Cat shelves are an interesting element of the equipment of our rooms. These types of products allow your cat to rest comfortably, and sometimes also to have fun. Below, we will discuss the most popular wall shelves, describe the installation method, and find out about the purchase prices of good-quality products.

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How to choose cat shelves step by step, i.e. wall and other types, and price

Cat shelves - popular types of products for the wall

Wall shelves for a cat, a practical place for a cat's rest

When choosing shelves for cats, it is worth starting with the question of their purpose. You can find various wall products in pet stores. Some of them will allow for practical rest, others are created to enable attractive fun. Some, larger sets provide both a comfortable place to sleep and for various activities.

Typical cat shelves consist of a wooden or wood-like tabletop. There is usually a soft mat on the top, which creates a comfortable bed for the cat. This type of cat furniture has a typical leisure purpose. Installed in the right place, the wall shelf allows for a comfortable sleep, and during rest, careful observation of the surroundings.

When choosing shelves for a cat, pay attention to assembly and load capacity. A cat bedding hung on the wall must be safe to use. Wall furniture has an acceptable load capacity. It is certainly worth paying attention to this parameter before making a purchase.

Wall shelf for creative play

In pet stores you will find a whole set of shelves for cats, which will allow not only rest, but also extremely attractive fun. Most cats like to climb walls, walk on footbridges or rub their claws on scratching posts. Some cat shelves are great for many of these functions.

A good example is a set of shelves connected by a bridge or a set of shelves with a scratching post and a lair. The choice in the offers of stores is so large that everyone will find a solution tailored to the preferences of their cats. A good-quality play shelf should have stable elements, allow for a durable, simple assembly, and at the same time be matched to the equipment of our room.

Let's also pay attention to the fact that a set of cat shelves requires a suitable location and more space on the wall surface. The play shelf will be used dynamically, so it should have the highest possible load-bearing capacity. It is worth choosing products with good quality. Solid boards or too thin wood-like boards will be not the best idea. The advantage of such a solution could be a low purchase price, but a very cheap, poor-quality shelf will not ensure the pet's safety. If you are planning to buy a pet, check also this article on a cat layette step by step.

Wall shelves in the form of a basket

The set of play shelves can also be equipped with a basket-shaped shelf. It is a medium-sized product with built-up sides. Perfect for older cats and pets that like to rest in a delicate hiding place. The basket can provide a sense of privacy, and the walls will increase the thermal comfort inside.

A wall basket is an extremely attractive bedding for a cat. We can mount them on the wall and even place them on the floor. Inside the basket, it is worth placing a soft pillow or blanket, which will make your rest more comfortable. Some models are already equipped with soft cushions, matched to the size and shape of the base.

Cat furniture in the form of wall baskets can be purchased in well-equipped pet stores. The instructions for each product should contain technical data, including correct assembly and the permissible load capacity of the product. Remember that each set of shelves or wall baskets must be firmly attached and secured against accidental knocking down.

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Or maybe cat radiator shelves?

An interesting element of the equipment are also special shelves that are used for mounting on radiators. These types of products usually have a durable structure and are trimmed with a soft material that allows you to rest comfortably. Thanks to many adjustment options, the shelves can be mounted on all modern types of radiators.

This type of gadget will be useful for cats that like to lie in the warm spaces of our rooms. The shelf attached to the radiator quickly absorbs the heat of the device and creates comfortable sleeping conditions. Cats like to bask in such places, and a well-chosen shelf can become their favorite place to relax.

Interestingly, radiator shelves do not have to be expensive to buy. The price of the basic models oscillates around the amount of PLN 50-60. A better quality shelf with replaceable cushions and secured sides usually costs about PLN 100 - 150. The final purchase costs will depend on the size of the product, materials used and the manufacturer.

Cat wall and radiator shelves step by step, i.e. types and prices

Cat furniture and a shelf for a cat - correct assembly and purchase price

Wall shelf. How to make the correct assembly?

Typical furniture intended for human use is not exposed to dynamic loads, and therefore does not have to be so firmly attached to the wall. Cat furniture will be exposed to many jumps and games, requiring a firm fixation to the wall.

The assembly of good quality products is usually done using standard wall screws. Some cat shelves are mounted on special hooks, others attached to the wall with dedicated holders. The exact method of assembly must be clearly stated in the instruction manual. It is certainly worth choosing wall furniture that has at least two or three fixing points. The more of these points, the greater the load-bearing capacity and stability a given cat bed will have.

We should also remember that the set of shelves should be mounted on stable walls. Most of them are not suitable for mounting on lightweight plasterboard walls. The only exception is the situation in which the plasterboard partition plays the role of plaster, and there is a proper wall behind it. All you need to do then is to use screws of the appropriate length and firmly attach the product to the wall.

How much is the cat shelf? Price for good quality cat furniture

To answer the question of how much does a wall shelf cost, we first need to define our needs. In pet stores, we can find many products that differ in prices, quality of workmanship, and equipment.

The basic wall shelf costs from PLN 50. up. This price applies to a product made of furniture board of standard sizes. The price for shelves with better workmanship usually exceeds PLN 100.

As we already know, the shops' offers also include a whole set of playable shelves. This type of bedding for a cat with additional toys usually costs a minimum of PLN 200. The sales offers also include more varied wall sets. A richly equipped wall set sometimes costs over PLN 400, and the upper price limit is difficult to estimate unequivocally.

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