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Cutting a cat's claws: a practical step-by-step guide [PHOTOS

Trimming cat's claws

In the depths of the Internet you can find a humorous instruction by Fr cutting the cat's claws.

Point fourteenth of this manual says:

"Take the cat off the curtain rod, cry over the torn curtain. Dress the wounds on the hands, calm the cat, pack him in the carrier and drive to the veterinary clinic - let the professionals do it ".

I think that many a cat guardian identifies with this description.

Often, cutting claws of fluffy pupils, just like bathing a cat is a fight to the death, a torment, both for the guardian and the pet.

Does it always have to be this way?

No, but trimming cat's claws is a matter that requires practice, skill and patience.

Does every cat react with fear, flight and the will to fight, to the word "claws "?

And whether every cat needs to be trimmed regularly?

I will try to present the topic of cat manicure in the article below.

  • How cat claws are built?
  • Does every cat need to have its nails trimmed regularly??
  • How to cut a cat's claws?
    • Adjusting the tool to the size of the cat
    • Cat's claw file
  • How to get your cat used to trimming claws?
  • Trimming cat's claws - how often?
  • Trimming cat's claws - price
  • Trimming cat's claws step by step

How cat's claws are built?

How cat's claws are built?

The encyclopedic definition of a claw says that it is a horn-shaped creature that protects the tip of the finger.

Cats are equipped with special muscles that allow them to hide their claws while walking - so they move noiselessly.

The cat has 5 claws on the forelimbs and 4 on the pelvic limbs.

The claw is made of two horny plaques surrounding the core, which contains blood vessels and nerves.

When trimming claws, it is worth remembering because spinal damage is very painful and can result in bleeding.

By cutting the claws regularly, the core is quite short, so it is difficult to damage it.

However, if cutting is neglected, the core may lengthen - it penetrates into the horny layer.

Then, cutting the claws short may cause the animal a great discomfort.

Does every cat need to have its nails trimmed regularly??

Of course not.

Cats that go out for walks alone and come into contact with the world outside the home should keep their claws intact.

It is their weapon against attacking animals, a hunting tool, but also one of the escape options - thanks to them they can get to the tree and climb high during the retreat.

Claws are used by a cat to mark its territory - scratching trees or fences, they leave their mark.

In addition, they then rub the callous part of the claw and thus regulate their length themselves.

However, there are a few situations when cats outside should have their claws cut.

An example is an injury to a claw, a claw being torn off or broken in such a place that a nerve and blood vessel are damaged.

Only the damaged claw is cut off! It can take up to several weeks for it to regrow.

In the case of cats that live indoors, it is worth controlling the length of the claws yourself.

If our pet regularly uses the scratching post, he rubs part of the claw himself, but this may not be enough for his comfort.

Too long claws are not fully retracted, they can catch on furniture, carpets, interfering with everyday functioning.

How to cut a cat's claws?

How to cut a cat's claws?

What is the best way to cut cat's claws?

There are a lot of different types of devices on the pet market, ranging from simple scissors to massive guillotines.

Adjusting the tool to the size of the cat

It is worth adjusting the equipment to the size of the pet - it is easier to cut small claws of a toddler with small scissors, while for adult cats, slightly more massive guillotines or scissors with a larger claw hole will work better.

It is not a very good idea to use human instruments - clippers can crush the claw too much, delicate nail scissors will not cope with the hard structure of a cat's claw.

Cat's claw file

For very demanding cats, or in cases where the claws tend to split or crumble, consider buying a claw file.

It is best to have at least two - with large and small gradations, to shorten and even out the edges of the claw.

They allow for precise shortening of the claw length without the risk of damaging the core - when the core is close, the cat usually takes the paw by itself.

The downside is the time you need to spend on sawing claws - certainly this activity will not work for impatient cats.

How to get your cat used to trimming claws?

How to get your cat used to trimming claws?

How best to prepare for claw trimming?

It's best to get your pet used to grooming from an early age, so that he considers it completely normal.

It is worth carrying out this procedure on a relaxed or sleeping cat, but above all calm.

A frisky pet will certainly not want to sit still during play.

It's a good idea to make some snacks or treats for your cat.

Giving them while clipping claws will make this activity associated with something pleasant.

Just in case, it is worth having a disinfectant and a gauze pad at hand - if the core is damaged, the area can be disinfected quickly.

It is also worth inviting someone to help - then one person holds the cat and calms him down, and the other can easily take care of shortening the claws.

Trimming cat's claws - how often?

"Less is more " - This rule also applies to clipping claws.

As I mentioned, in the event of neglecting this activity, it is impossible to make up for it in one go - then it is easy to damage the core and cause bleeding and pain in the pet.

It is better to cut a smaller part and repeat the activity after a few days - the core should retract a little, then it will be possible to align the length of the overgrown claw with the rest.

What to do if the claw is deformed and the core is invisible?

It is best to have the claws cut to the veterinarian.

Spinal cord injury is rarely seen in the office, and if it does, doctors are equipped with measures to stop bleeding quickly.

Trimming cat's claws - price

The service of clipping cat's claws in the veterinary office costs about 10 - 20 zlotys.

Trimming cat's claws step by step

  1. Stock up on cat claw clippers. It is worth having at least two pairs, larger and smaller, more precise.

    Cat Clippers

  2. In the photo below, the protruding cat's claw is clearly demarcated core and keratinized part that needs to be trimmed.

    Cat's claw extended

  3. The cat's claws on the pelvic limbs are usually a bit more blunt and more massive. It is a good idea to use a larger cutter to cut them.

    Stronger claws of the pelvic limbs

  4. Kokos is posing for the photo, he prefers to look away and not to look at the cutting of claws ?

    How to hold a cat while shortening its claws?

  5. Before cutting, make sure that the claw core is not damaged. Is it very painful and unpleasant!

    Watch out for the claw core!

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