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What to look for when buying a cat scratcher?

A indoor cat needs many different accessories. In particular, the litter box, appropriate bowls, containers for transport, comfortable bedding, and toys are of key importance. In addition, a convenient scratching post plays an extremely important role. Where to buy such a gadget? What to look for when buying? Which cat scratchers are worth recommending? We answer these questions in our article.

What to look for when buying a cat scratcher?

What role do cat scratchers play??

Every cat has a hunter instinct. Even if he has never had to hunt and organize his food, he has that sense in his genes. That is why it is important to provide your pet with the right accessories that will help him discharge his energy. The toys that he will be able to chase around the house are crucial. For example, colorful fishing rods with feathers and small stuffed animals - mice, fish, birds. At the same time, you should put on solid cat scratchers. We are talking about the plural for a reason, because there are several places to sharpen cat's claws. Thanks to such accessories, the cat will not take advantage of the furniture, causing numerous damage.

What are the models of scratchers?

Various types of scratching posts can be found in stores. There are, for example, special covers for a sofa or chair that simply clip onto the furniture. You can also buy traditional, standing scratchers, which are a separate piece of furniture. Cat scratchers, such as. // www.aosom.en / category / drapaki-dla-kotow ~ 99 / they can also take the form lying (horizontal) or standing (vertical). There are also small scratchers that do not take up too much space, but also really large ones. People who have more space at their disposal often reach for extended variants with additional levels, platforms, lockers and hanging toys. They provide cats with a lot of fun and endless fun, and can even be a good place to sleep.

How to choose the best scratching post?

When choosing a cat scratcher, first of all, make sure that it is safe for your pet. It must have a solid construction that will not suddenly collapse when pulled or run wild. Cat scratchers should be constructed of appropriate materials. When it comes to tall scratchers, it is also worth making sure that it has an additional fastening to attach them to the wall or to the floor. This can come in handy sometimes. In addition, the cat scratcher must be matched to the size of our pet. A maine coon needs completely different equipment, and a small kitten needs a different one. And where to buy the best product? It is worth betting on proven stores with a wide range of this type of accessories.

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