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A little dog is… a little problem. Definitely? [COAPE Behaviorist Ewa Jaworska

Small dog in size XS. For some time now, dogs like "toy dogs ", i.e. small breeds, and in the extreme version so-called "teacup dogs " have become more and more popular, which can be literally put in a pocket or put in a cup.

Small dog

Hence the name "teacup dog ", which literally means a dog from a teacup.

Just enter the password "teacup dog " in the search engine on the Internet and we will immediately pop up dozens of cute pictures of mini dogs next to everyday objects, so we can see on a scale what kind of babies they are!

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Celebrity dogs

Generally, for some time now, small dogs have become more and more popular and "ignite the Internet ".

These dogs have become, among others, extremely visible thanks to celebrities and their instagram as well as cute videos with small, fluffy balls in the lead role.

Who wouldn't want such a cutie? I myself admit that they are difficult to resist, but

here the stairs begin!

Such breeds include, among others:

  • chihuahua,
  • pomeraniany,
  • yorkies,
  • Maltese,
  • mini poodles.


Is it worth choosing pomeraniana??

Natural (unfortunately!) the next thing when a particular breed or type of dog becomes popular, they get pseudo-kennels.

The cruel law of the market that where there is demand, there is also supply, it works.

People want to buy sweet Pomeranian or Maltese, they have to be produced! I use the word "produce " for no reason, because many pseudo-farms look like cruel, living factories.

The bitches are kept in dire conditions just to keep giving birth to new cubs. This is their job, and when they get too old or sick they will have to be replaced with new ones.

That sounds cruel?

But thanks to this, we can then buy a small, sweet puppy for 100 or 200 zlotys, although the same dog from a real breeding will cost ten times as much.

It is always worth remembering when choosing a dog from a shady source.

This does not mean that there are only pseudo-kennels, but some dogs come from such places and it is worth being sensitive to it, so as not to expose dogs to suffering and not to sponsor these "dog farms ".

Conscious decision

However, when we decide on such a mini-dog that will surely melt the hearts of all our friends and people on the streets, it is worth making this decision consciously.

Little dog, big problem


Tiny puppies, which please the eyes, do not necessarily enjoy iron health.

Many of them become hypoglycemic, have very brittle bones and tend to put on weight due to the rapid metabolism.

Such a dog requires more frequent feeding and therefore exercise. If we feed him, but we do not provide him with the right dose of "sport ", the dog will quickly gain weight in an unhealthy way.

And due to its small dimensions, you have to be very careful not to simply step on its paws.

But let's also look at the problem from the behavioral side.

I have many clients who have miniature dogs and not miniature problems at all! Dogs destroy at home, bark furiously at every person entering, pounce on other dogs, take care of themselves in the house, or shake on walks for fear like aspen.

People often complain that they favored heaven for their little pimp, and he is so ungrateful and constantly bites them like some demon incarnate!

Meanwhile, things are a bit different

A small dog is not a toy

A small dog is not a toy

Caregivers very often forget that this tiny little dog, which fits in their purse, despite the name "toy dog ​​"

not a toy at all.

This is a normal dog just like any other dog who has the same needs as other XXL dogs! Only he got a body in size S. But it's not his fault, after all!

Guardians often buy such a dog for a specific purpose: they want a small, sweet companion that can be taken everywhere, hug non-stop, set up a popular instagram profile for him, or

they will give a child as a gift instead of a soft toy.

This is obviously a big problem, because such thinking about a dog causes us to neglect his needs, we do not pay attention to what he wants, we only focus on satisfying our needs. And this is obviously not entirely fair and hence there may be many problems later on.

Little dog in a purse

A dog that, instead of walking on a walk and exploring space, is constantly carried on its hands or in a proverbial purse, "so that nothing happens to him ", cannot satisfy its most natural canine needs.

Gourmet dog

A dog that constantly gets various bites from the plates, "because he stares so sweetly", does not have a regulated diet and may later have problems with digestion and maintaining a healthy weight.

A dog pampered to death

A dog that is touched all the time by caregivers, people in shops, on the streets and children in kindergarten because "it is difficult to resist", may quickly stop liking people and start to "bite off" or be afraid, because his comfort zone and safe space are constantly violated, and he is unable to oppose it in any other way.

After all, no one asked him if he wanted to touch him or not, and it is very difficult for us to stop ourselves, because he is "soooo cute ".

A dog in trouble

On the other hand, a dog that is unskillfully carried by a child in its arms, pulled by its fur and tail, chased around the apartment, or finally stepped on because it is hard to spot it, will feel threatened in its own home and, as a consequence, may start to move away from its own. families.

A dog that can't talk to his friends

Or a dog that is "protected" from other dogs because they will surely step on it, cannot fulfill its needs for socialization with other members of its species and cannot simply have fun with them.

Dog and 5 minute walks

Finally, a dog that walks on a half-meter leash and each time is pulled away from a bush, which he really wanted to smell, and is taken home, because in the end "such a small dog needs short walks because he will get tired ", he may feel frustrated, because it cannot satisfy its most natural needs of exploration and snooping.

These are obviously just examples and black scenarios, but unfortunately I encounter them too often not to mention them.

A little dog is also a dog!

A little dog is also a dog!

So what is my suggestion for owners of small breed dogs?

Let them be dogs! Let's think it's a big dog that accidentally shrunk in the washing machine ?

A run dog is a happy dog

Let him run out, give him space, let's not treat him like a poor little pooch who needs to be carried and hugged all the time, otherwise he will not be able to cope in this cold, cruel world!

Of course, let's not go overboard and treat a little yorkie or chichuachu like a big she-wolf, which we let loose in the middle of the forest and let it cope and join the wolf pack! It may not work out ?

Playing with the head

Remember that such dogs, like all dogs, have their limitations.

If we want our 1 kg Pomeranian to play with another dog, maybe we should not combine it with the 80 kg Argentine Great Dane, which may inadvertently crush our bubble during carefree play.

If, on the other hand, we have a Maltese with short legs, we do not put him in a competition in one group with greyhounds, because maybe somehow we will not win this race! And certainly we are not putting any money on him in this race ?

And if, on the other hand, we have a Yorkie, who has a very delicate psyche and is afraid of big and loud things, do not try to make him friends with the sounds of the jet engine, or fireworks with him (of course, never do this with any dog!).

This, of course, does not mean that all small dogs are afraid or will not be able to deal with larger dogs, but it is worth bearing in mind their specificity and, above all, providing them with comfortable interactions with the world. But let's not take that opportunity away from them anyway!

A dog as a Christmas present

Finally, I would like to touch on an extremely timely topic in December, i.e. treating dogs as a great Christmas present.

The topic is especially relevant for small dogs whose cute appearance is very irresistible.

Personally, I think that no dog should go under the Christmas tree for several reasons.

Decision on the spur of the moment

Such a "gift" is often the result of an impulsive decision and an ill-considered purchase.

Few people wonder that a small, fluffy ball of fur has its own needs and, apart from its cute appearance, it has many responsibilities and problems.

The dog is not only a pleasure

We have to prepare for the fact that such a dog will dirty the entire apartment before it learns cleanliness.

It can also destroy and chew on our furniture, shoes and eat anything that comes its way.

He can also demand our attention and play intensely, to which he naturally has every right.

He will also wake us up in the middle of the night because he has a small bladder and we will have to fly with him as fast as we can to the outside. Probably in pajamas.

One thing is certain - our new pooch will not sit nicely in a corner or on the couch and look "cute ". It's a dog after all and he has to meet his needs, have fun, and we should teach him in a gentle and fun way how to behave (I always recommend dog kindergartens!).

Think twice

Therefore, inviting a dog to your home should always be the result of a well-thought-out and responsible decision.

Hasty decisions often end up sad for a dog. We have many dogs in the shelter that "did not work out" as a gift and the care for them has exceeded the caregivers and we have to look for a home for them anew.

For a dog, staying in a shelter is a traumatic experience, so it's better to think twice and then, because of our carelessness, not to condemn him to such a cruel fate.

A dog for a child

A dog for a child

Another issue is the decision to give the pooch to the child. After all, children should hide with dogs!

Yes and no.

I believe that, as it usually happens in life, everything depends on the circumstances, but certain patterns like to repeat themselves, so I will mention them here.

Child's dog, our duties ?

First of all, when we buy / adopt a dog for a child, we have to take into account that (despite the usually warm declarations of our offspring) a large part of the duties of caring for the dog will fall on us.

If we are very busy and we only have time for 5-minute walks with the dog, it is worth considering whether the dog will be happy with us.

Puppy and baby

It is also worth considering whether a small, mischievous puppy that requires a lot of attention and a tiny child in one house is a good solution, because we may not have enough time and energy to take care of everything ?

Always keeping an eye on

Children who crawl and still have uncoordinated movements can also be sometimes difficult partners for (especially) small breed dogs.

They can easily fall over such a dog, step on its paw or pull its hair.

Therefore, we should never leave a dog and a child in the same room without our care. For their common safety.

A wise relationship

This does not mean that I am an opponent of dog-child duets. Children who hide with dogs often later become more empathetic towards animals, have better resilience and can handle them beautifully in adulthood.

However, let's face it, at the beginning it is mainly the parents' task to create a relationship in which both the dog and the child feel good.

Every dog ​​deserves equal treatment

Every dog ​​deserves equal treatment

In conclusion, I believe that every dog, regardless of whether it is the size of an Argentine Great Dane or a tiny Pomeranian, deserves equal treatment and recognition that as a dog it has similar needs that, as its guardians, we should meet as much as possible!

Then both the L-size dog and the S-size dog will be very happy with us!

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