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Men prefer cats


It turns out that, according to the PFMA research, even every third cat owner is male, young or middle-aged. For independent (and not necessarily lonely) men, a cat is a great companion. As the interested parties themselves emphasize, caring for a cat is not so absorbing and does not interfere with flexible working hours, outings or travels. In addition, cats make at least 1 in 4 caregivers believe that it has made him more affectionate, and even 1 in 6 believed that it is thanks to the cat that he dates more dates. Besides, even 82% of women confirm that men taking care of animals are more attractive to them, and 90% believe that a man taking care of a cat is "nicer" than others. So the cat soothes the morals and brings you closer.

Cat owners are


Not only British but also American studies have confirmed the observation that people who own cats tend to have higher education and are smarter. However, we recommend that you do not embarrass your cat and drop your studies or take them. For those who work or study longer, the cat is a less embarrassing and restrictive companion compared to the dog, which partly explains these observations.

Cat owners are more sleepy

In a study at the Mayo Sleep Clinic, twice as many people declared that they sleep more peacefully with a pet than with a human. Also, the surveyed caregivers declare that they prefer to sleep with a cat than with their partner (especially women).

Are there still kittens somewhere?

So the myth of the freak kitten as a lonely woman surrounded by cats (although women tend to gather animals) has completely vanished. The guardian of the cat should not be stereotypically perceived as more lonely, emotional and depressed than the guardian of the dog. Online surveys show that people declaring themselves preferring cats have a greater tendency to be more neurotic and open-minded. However, a study of over half a thousand cat keepers at the University of Los Angeles showed that there is no evidence that it translates into a greater predisposition to mental illness than people who have dogs or no pets at all.

So if you are sitting at home with your cat, enjoy each other. See how you can play with him, which will give you and your cat great satisfaction.

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