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List of aggressive dogs: which breeds and why are they on it?

Aggressive dogs list

The dog is man's best friend - probably everyone has heard this saying.

It really is.

The dogs we know today are descendants of domesticated wolves.

The process of taming and domestication began 9-14 thousand years ago - the evidence is the skeletons of animals, similar to dogs, found near human settlements, in excavations in the USA and Europe.

For a long time, dogs have helped to graze cattle and protect human settlements.

They were used for entertainment and guarding.

Since then, dogs have changed significantly, breeds have appeared that resemble their distant relatives little.

Selection of individuals for breeding, carried out in breeding farms over many years, revealed some features of the appearance and character.

Some are desirable, others less so.

Aggression is a trait that is rather unwelcome in most pets. Currently, individuals that exhibit it are eliminated from further breeding and their reproduction is usually not allowed.

  • List of aggressive breeds
  • Aggressive dogs
  • List of aggressive dogs
    • American Bulldog
    • Mallorca dog (Pello de Presa Mallorquin)
    • Argentine dog
    • American Pit Bull Terrier
    • Tosa Inu
    • Rottweiler
    • Akbash Dog
    • Anatolian
    • Caucasian Shepherd
    • Moscow guard dog
    • Canary dog ​​(Perro de presa Canario)
  • Traveling abroad with a dog of a breed considered to be aggressive

List of aggressive breeds

In 2003, a list of aggressive breeds was compiled.

The document in which they were listed is the Ordinance of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of April 28, 2003. on the list of dog breeds considered aggressive.

Listed dog breeds have been listed there in response to reports of bites, attacks by dogs on humans and other animals.

It was recognized that, in order to ensure safety for the public, those willing to purchase a puppy of a breed included in the list should apply for a permit.

What to do to get permission to buy a dog of a breed that is considered aggressive??

You should report to the city or commune office and submit the completed application. It looks like this:

It is worth having the dog's pedigree or its birth certificate with you and a proof of payment of stamp duty in the amount of PLN 82.

The decision is made within 30 days of submitting the application.

It is usually issued after checking the conditions in which the dog will stay (apartment, house, yard, playpen).

The permit may be withdrawn if the dog is kept in poor conditions or poses a threat to people or other animals.

The regulation does not specify what to do in the case of hybrids - a permit is theoretically not required, but the problem of aggression in them may also be noticeable.

Usually, applications are approved, and people who are refused can try again - in another city, or by registering the dog as a family member.

After obtaining the permit, the owners are rarely inspected, and the dogs' living conditions are usually only checked after reporting.

It is therefore worth considering the legitimacy of the functioning of this regulation.

Aggressive dogs

Aggressive dogs

Aggression is not a birth trait, it has many factors. Raising a dog is perhaps the most important of them.

In the wrong hands, an inexperienced owner, even a Maltese or Chihuahua can become a formidable creature.

Moreover, studies report that small dogs are more likely to show aggressive behavior than larger dogs.

Incorrect training, especially the use of aversive methods and punishments (especially corporal), significantly influences the development of aggressive behavior.

Dog aggression can be gender-related.

Males, especially those who are not castrated, show aggressive behavior much more often than females.

This has to do with your territorial instinct, defending your territory, and prioritizing your herd.

The breeds listed in the ordinance are usually large, strong, very well-muscled, strong-built dogs.

In the past, they were used for dog fighting, herding game for hunting, or for defense and guarding.

They can be fierce and relentless.

When deciding on a puppy of a breed considered to be dangerous, it is worth taking care of its upbringing.

Dogs of the mentioned breeds are good companions, but they require consistency in their behavior.

Before buying or adopting, it is worth considering whether the guardian will provide the dog with the right dose of exercise or will devote the right amount of time to it.

It's a good idea to invest in lessons with a trainer, dog nursery, or obedience classes.

The help of a behaviorist can be very valuable in the process of raising such a dog.

The hierarchy must not be forgotten - the owner should be at the top, not the dog. Any compromise on this point may cause problems with the positioning of the dog later.

List of aggressive dogs

Below I present the breeds listed in the regulation and I will add their short description.

American Bulldog

American bulldog appearance

The American Bulldog is a breed descended from the English Bulldog.

It has a slightly longer muzzle than its ancestor, it is taller and more massive.

Many color variations are allowed.

There are three types within this breed, differing slightly in appearance:

  • Scott type,
  • Johnson type,
  • hybrid.

These dogs were used to guard their belongings and to fight.

They are very active dogs, they require a lot of exercise.

They quickly become attached to their owner and may react badly to other animals in their environment.

Mallorca dog (Pello de Presa Mallorquin)

Mallorca dog

Initially, he was an assistant in the grazing of cattle, but in the fourteenth century, this breed began to be used in fights with bulls.

Nowadays it is a dog that grows 55 cm at the withers.

The rectangular silhouette and massive head with a loose neck give it a formidable appearance.

Most representatives of this breed, however, have the characteristics of a molossian - they are usually gentle, calm and difficult to provoke.

Argentine dog

Argentine dog

This breed was used to protect cattle herds from large predators.

Some legends also mention the pursuit of runaway slaves in South America.

The Argentine Dog is a tall dog, reaching up to 70 cm at the withers.

It has a rectangular silhouette with a compact structure. He is very well muscled.

The eyes and nose are always black.

The color of the coat should be white or pirate only.

In the hands of a responsible owner, the dog is a great companion for children, has a flair for guarding.

American Pit Bull Terrier

American pit bull terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a breed that is not recognized by the FCI.

Created by crossing a bulldog with terriers in order to obtain a brave and steadfast dog, perfect for fighting.

Dogs reach approximately 55 cm at the withers.

They have a massive head with a strongly pronounced jaw.

Triangular ears, strong limbs.

Character is described as cheerful, quickly attaching to his owners.

He is gentle with people, but may show aggression towards other dogs.

Tosa Inu

Tosa inu

Tosa Inu is an old breed of fighting dogs, used for dog fighting.

The height of the representatives of this breed is at least 60 cm at the withers.

They are muscular dogs, with a large head and a strongly marked frontal fracture, with a red, red, black or brindle color.

He moves dignified, heavy.

They are quite gentle dogs, usually not aggressive, but relentless when provoked.

They learn easily, they are patient and composed.



Everyone has seen a representative of this breed at least once in their life.

Their appearance itself is formidable, representatives of this breed are described as great defenders, however, there are individuals with a difficult character.

Rottweilers require consistent and relentless owners because they don't give in easily and training can be difficult for them.

Dogs of this breed were used in the past to guard cattle herds - they were assistants of traders and butchers.

Akbash Dog

Akbash dog | source of wikipedia

It is a very old breed, originating from the territory of today's Turkey.

They are used as herding dogs - they guard sheep herds against predators, they can even fight a bear.

He is tall, long-legged, and has well-developed muscles.

Long, white coat.

Dogs are relentless in combat, irritable - they do not yield easily. He has a strongly developed territorial instinct.



So the Anatolian Sheepdog.

He has long served in hunting, shepherding and guarding.

Representatives of this breed are very intelligent creatures, they endure harsh conditions.

While guarding the herds, they choose the highest elevation in the area and look out for threats from it.

If they spot a predator, they first surround it silently.

Dogs can measure up to 80 cm at the withers, have triangular, slightly hanging ears, and a long tail reaching to the hock.

Short hair, color usually fawn with black decorations.

This breed requires consistency in upbringing.

He has a strong and independent character and fiercely defends his territory.

Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd

This breed was used as guard dogs and guarding herds against predators.

It comes from the Caucasus.

It is a dog that reaches a minimum of 65 cm at the withers.

He has a very profuse coat of various colors.

They are very brave, they don't surrender too easily. They are excellent guardians of the property, has a strong territorial instinct, must be provided with an appropriate dose of traffic, therefore it is not recommended for apartments in blocks of flats.

He should be trained and socialized from a puppy. In the wrong hands, he is dangerous.

Moscow guard dog

Moscow guard dog

Mainly the blood of a Caucasian Shepherd Dog and a Bernardine flows in his veins.

Dogs reach a height of up to 80 cm at the withers, have a massive build and a coat similar to a Saint Bernard.

However, they are much more agile, energetic and lively.

They defend their territory fiercely, they are relentless.

They should be trained in obedience. They are recommended as protection and guard dogs.

Canary dog ​​(Perro de presa Canario)

Canary dog ​​ "src = " // cowsiers. Pl / wp-content / uploads / 2018/08 / Canary-dog. Jpg "alt = " Canary Island dog "width = " 800 ″ height = "1062 ″ data-wp-pid = " 8937 ″ /> Canary Island dog

The first records of the ancestors of today's representatives of this breed date back to the 16th century.

Dogs were used for defense, guarding herds and fighting.

The crossbreeds with molossers have made these dogs chunky, large, with a lively character, although they are very balanced.

The size at the withers does not exceed 65 cm.

These dogs are wary of strangers.

Traveling abroad with a dog of a breed considered to be aggressive

What about going abroad with a pet that is representative of a breed considered aggressive?

England, Malta, Lithuania, France and Hungary - these countries have introduced a ban on the transport of dogs of aggressive breeds to their territory.

For the rest of the world, regulations are different.

In Germany, for example, a permit is required from the relevant state authority to which the handler is going with his dog.

It is best to check carefully whether the authorities of a given country allow the stay of the pet before departure.


As mentioned above, aggression is not a birth trait.

Most often it is acquired as a result of irresponsible behavior of the caregiver or traumatic experiences from the past.

If the dog begins to show aggressive behavior, first determine if the cause is pain or medical conditions such as a malfunctioning of the thyroid gland.

After excluding them, it is imperative that you seek the advice of an experienced behaviorist.

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