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The cat is your doctor

It turns out that staying under the same roof with a cat translates into an improvement in our health. This influence is noticeable in various aspects: from the lifestyle that the presence of the cat forces on us, through the daily interactions, and even the mere presence and contact with the purr.

Purring therapy

It turns out that primarily the frequencies at which cats purr (between 20 and 140 Hz) are used in the treatment of numerous human diseases. During treatments supporting the process of healing and strengthening the skeletal system, as well as strengthening muscles, tendons or ligaments, frequencies corresponding to your cat's purring are used in physical therapy. Many people also find that cats lie down in sore spots. This may be due to the fact that the inflamed areas may have a higher temperature. Cats instinctively lie down in places that save their life energy, using natural sources of heat. Or maybe seeing our relief on the face or feeling that we feel nice, they settle in places that both sides enjoy?

Cat cardiologist 

The most spectacular observations concern the influence of cat ownership on the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The Minnesota Stroke Research Institute has followed more than 4,000 cat owners for 10 years, reaching the surprising conclusions that owning a cat dramatically reduces the risk of dying from heart disease. Cat owners have up to 30-40% lower risk of a heart attack depending on the type of examination. Despite the fact that the cat does not force its handler to take regular walks like a dog, it does improve its cardiovascular parameters. Interaction with the cat, including purring, is believed to lower blood pressure. Well, for sure, stroking a purring cat is like a balm on our nerves and allows us to relieve stress after a hard day.

Cat therapy - not for everyone

However, there are some limitations when people with immunodeficiency (incl.in. preschool children, the elderly, the sick), as they should definitely not let their cats go outside or feed them raw. Even half of cats that go out or receive raw meals (including frozen ones) are carriers of numerous pathogens and also require more frequent antiparasitic prophylaxis and vaccinations, about which you can read more on the ESCCAP Polska website. Of course, it is also worth mentioning that in people suffering from cat allergy, contact with it will not translate into improved health and quality of their life, so in these cases it will be discouraged. However, if there are allergy sufferers in your environment, you can improve their quality of life by reducing the amount of cat allergens in the environment and introducing a special food to your cat's menu, which was created on the basis of groundbreaking scientific research, about which you can read more on the Purina Institute website.

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