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Cat gadgets - what to pamper your cat wisely

Nobody has long been surprised by leather and heated sofas or collars studded with precious stones.  That is why the designers are doing their best to make the owners of the quadrupeds delighted. In recent years, smart gadgets have been the most popular, because if the owner has a smartphone or a smartwatch, why can't a cat have a smart bowl??

For a cat for special tasks - a smart bowl

Cat's food accessories and bowls are increasingly looking like art works. All because designers of cat gadgets are trying to combine utility with art and new technologies. Many companies more and more often cooperate with well-known specialists: designers of litter boxes or furniture. Some bowls even have the names of their creators engraved on them.

In stores you will also find other gadgets that your cat friend will surely like.  Among them, the "carousel with delicacies" is very popular, i.e. a device that rewards the cat with a treat in return for turning a special wheel. The cat's fountain is also an interesting idea. The equipment not only looks effective, but also enriches it with oxygen and purifies water. It is worth choosing a fountain with a removable filter so that the gadget will serve us longer. The pinnacle of modernity are the bowls dispensing food automatically not only at a specific time, but also remotely by the caregiver using a mobile phone or tablet on the network, which can look at the cat through the camera's eye in the bowl and throw out a treat. The owner can also call his pet through the bowl, see if he came and reward him while sitting in another room or even another country.

Scratchers and toys

The same applies to scratching posts and toys. Rags, feathers and ordinary balls work as always. Fans of new solutions will surely like electronic mice that can look either "futuristic " or quite natural. But how they work? As soon as the cat touches the mouse, the toy turns on, blinks its eyes, runs away and makes various sounds. However, the cat can play with such toys only in the presence of the owner. In the event of a toy breakdown, there may be a risk of the cat choking on a deadly battery or other mechanical elements of the toy.

Another modern toy is a pointer with a light. The toy emits light, visible in the form of a red point (which can be of any shape, e.g. mouse). We guarantee that no cat will pass by indifferently. Due to its specificity, the fun should not last too long. 2-3 minutes maximum. We also encourage you to throw snacks on your cat (so that he does not feel frustrated during an unproductive hunt for an un-catchable victim such as light).

Our feline friends love to use their claws to mark their presence and territory. Unfortunately, our furniture suffers most often. The solution is to buy the right scratching post. If we are bored with the standard shapes of stable scratchers with a booth and a hammock (preferably spreading ones), a scratching post in an original shape may be a good idea. This is equipment on which your cat will survive, but also rest. A well-designed scratching post can also be used as an original and impressive piece of furniture.

Love for a cat knows no bounds. In her name, the owners put on various "creations " for their pets. Some people wear gold collars studded with stones, others dress cats as rock stars or heroes of their favorite movies and cartoons. There are many possibilities, and the ingenuity of the owners seems to have no limits.  Is dressing a cat overkill? If it is justified (e.g. we have a cat with no hair or with very short hair) that's the way it is. However, if our pet does not like such ideas, maybe we should buy and dress in this fancy outfit a plush toy, for which it will not be a source of stress, often leading to illness.

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