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Dog kennel: which one to choose and when to use?

Dog kennel

When deciding to buy or adopt a dog, many owners want to prepare as best as possible so that the dog does not miss anything from the very beginning. So begins with completing the layette - dog bed, dog treats, dog food, blanket, bowls, toys.

There are more and more opinions that it should also be on the list of essential dog accessories kennel cage. Although people associate cages with captivity and confinement, when properly introduced into dog life, it will become a refuge, a safe place and a refuge for him.

  • What is a kennel cage for??
  • For whom it will be suitable?
  •  How to choose a kennel cage?
  • How to arrange a comfortable kennel cage?
  • How to get your dog used to a kennel?
  • What not to use a kennel cage for?
  • Is the kennel cage only suitable for a dog?

What is a kennel cage for??

What is a kennel cage for??

Most pet keepers know that their pets are often looking for a tight place to hide or sleep, especially at times when they feel insecure. A storm, a renovation at a neighbor's place, or a vacuum cleaner on, are just some of the situations that cause fear in a dog or cat.

In the event of noise or an uncomfortable situation, the animal looks for a place where it will feel safe. Most often, the spaces under the desk or bed are chosen, cats prefer tight boxes - in order to have control over every piece of the chosen shelter and thus protect yourself from dangers.

Cramped spaces are also sought after by animals that want to rest, sleep and regenerate - they allow you to feel safe and truly rest, even if the animal is fearful. They reduce the need to stay awake and allow you to fall into deeper sleep. The cage is to provide such a safe space, shelter, place of rest, where the pet can go if necessary.

The dog is properly used to kennel, he will treat it as a lair, a place to regenerate. Going to her is a signal "I want to rest, leave me alone ". The animal should not be dragged out of the cage, irritated or harassed. If the dog is locked in it, it should be given peace and quiet.

For whom it will be suitable?

Kennel cage probably suitable for all dogs - small and large, senior and younger dogs, working and typical sandwiches. After all, every dog ​​sometimes needs a moment of rest and solitude.

It is a myth that the cage should not be introduced for dogs that have spent a lot of time in a shelter for homeless animals. On the contrary! The cage provides limited access to stimuli, and if properly introduced into everyday use, it will become an asylum. Dogs staying in shelters usually have a small amount of interesting stimuli, so they often need a moment of rest, especially at the beginning of acquaintance with new owners. Contrary to appearances, the cage can help them feel safe in a new, not fully known environment.

Kennel cage should be introduced from a puppy age. Appropriate equipment (which I will mention in a moment) will make the young puppy willing to stay in it. Implementing the cage from the very first moments in the new home will make the dog know where to hide, shelter in uncomfortable situations. However, it is worth remembering that the cage for a toddler should be correspondingly smaller.

A kennel cage Useful in dogs with behavioral problems, especially if they suffer from separation anxiety. At this point, I would like to emphasize that it will not replace behavioral therapy, consultations with specialists and many, many hours of working with a pet - but it can be an emergency aid. It helps to calm down and calm down, regain balance after a stressful event. In such cases, it is worth consulting a specialist about introducing the cage into the dog's life.

It is recommended that you access the kennel had dogs participating in competitions, contests and exhibitions. It is undoubtedly a stressful event - although there are dogs who love it. In order to show your best side, it is worth having a good rest and calm down for a moment before the show or competition itself. For this purpose, the dog must have access to the kennel. A moment of peace and relaxation can have a positive effect on a stressed and energized pet.

A kennel cage in the travel version, it is also worth taking on all trips. Many cages will fit in the car, some owners say that thanks to the cage, the dog tolerates the journey better, showing significantly less symptoms of motion sickness. However, remember to properly secure the cage with safety belts so that it does not pose a threat to the dog in the event of a collision.

Many hotels and resorts allow you to stay with your pet by providing a lair or a set of bowls. However, it is worth providing your pet with the most homely and at home conditions, because we also often take our blanket or pillow to the hotel. Surrounded by his toys, favorite blanket and in an enclosed space, the dog will feel much more comfortable. Moreover, the cage will make it impossible to destroy the room in the absence of the caretakers or to defecate in the wrong place.

 How to choose a kennel cage?

How to choose a kennel cage?

On the internet and in many pet stores, a choice kennel cages it's huge. So how to choose the perfect one for our dog?

The perfect kennel cage should be adjusted to the size of the pet. It is known that a cage for a German Shepherd Dog must be larger than a cage for a Maltese. The dog should be able to freely enter the cage, turn around and lie down. He should not be able to run or jump in it.

A cage that is too large may not provide the dog with a feeling of security - after all, it is supposed to be a limited space. Too small a cage will make the dog unable to lie comfortably in the cage, it can also cause skin damage, abrasions.

The choice of material for the cage should be adapted to the character and liveliness of the dog. If your pet is calm, reluctant to destroy things, and the cage is to be a refuge and a place to rest, you can be tempted by a material model. However, it is more difficult to maintain cleanliness and hygiene than metal models.

However, if the cage is to be an educational element for a dog that bites everything on its way, choose one with metal rods - it is definitely more solid, more durable than the material model. In cases where the dog wants to show dissatisfaction, it can become very loud.

A kennel cage can also be made to order and adapted to individual taste. Yes dog kennel cage however, it is much more expensive than the models available in stores, so it is worth getting your pet used to the cage in a cheaper version.

Dog cage, which travels frequently, it should be easy to fold and unfold, and if necessary, it should take up little space after folding. The bottom of the cage should be made of easily washable plastic to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. In case of metal kennels, pay attention to the material with which the cage bars are covered - it cannot be paint that easily peels off metal elements.

How to arrange a comfortable kennel cage?

The perfect dog cage, tailored to the needs and character of the pet has already been selected, so it is worth considering what it should contain inside. In order to make it easier to equip the cage, I suggest that you think of it as a dog's apartment or room - a dog in a kennel cage should have a comfortable place to rest and items that will meet his basic needs.

Of course, after inserting all the necessary elements, it may turn out that your pet has a different idea for arranging the cage - some items can be taken out or ignored, but it is worth arranging it as conveniently as possible.

In each cage there should be a place for a comfortable lair, preferably one that the dog has already used - it is covered with its smell, so it should immediately be associated with safety. You can attach your favorite blanket or pillow to the lair.

The cage should also have enough space to accommodate your favorite dog's toys. It is worth covering the cage with a blanket, preferably large enough that only one side of the cage is exposed. Covering it will create an impression of coziness, cut off from the outside world, and make it easier for the dog to calm down.

If the dog will be locked in a cage, it is worth separating a part in it, on which a hygienic pad or an absorbent mat will be spread. It is also worth installing a bowl of water in the cage so that the pet can quench his thirst if necessary, and a bowl for snacks.

How to get your dog used to a kennel?

How to get your dog used to a kennel?

First of all, getting used to the cage should be done slowly, without any force. After purchase dog kennel and its device, place it in its final location. It is worth considering the arrangement of the cage and choose a place that will be quiet, always open, so that the dog has free access to it. The cage cannot stand in the corridor, bathroom or living room.

When the cage is equipped, it is worth showing your pet that he can enter and exit it freely. In the case of fearful animals, you can use spray pheromones for your dog, or sprinkle treats inside to encourage your pet to explore a new element of its territory. Each entry into the cage should be rewarded so that the dog associates it with something pleasant.

As I mentioned, the cage should always be open initially. When the dog accepts it, goes to bed in it, or brings treats or favorite toys there, you can close the cage for a short time. After a short time, if the dog behaves properly in it, the cage can be opened and the dog rewarded.

Initially, it is a good idea to stay with your dog in the same room when the cage is closed. When your pet falls asleep in a closed cage, you can start to go out and leave it alone. Skipping the stage of getting used to the closure, getting used to the cage, can cause quite severe trauma and discourage the dog from using the cage right away. Therefore, it is worth taking some time to convince your dog to use it on a daily basis.

If the pet is to spend a longer time in the cage, the closing periods under the watchful eye of the guardian can be extended. However, it must not be forgotten that in such cases a bowl of water must be placed in the kennel cage.

What not to use a kennel cage?

A kennel cage must not be used as a punishment for the dog. It is to be a permanent element of home or apartment equipment and be available to the animal around the clock. You cannot cage your dog in case of disobedience or inappropriate behavior, doing so may destroy the dog's perception of the cage, the dog will not want to use it later.

The kennel cage must not be used for introducing pets, especially when introducing a new pet into the house. A dog used to his cage considers it to be the most intimate part of his territory, so when he confines a new animal in it, he will fiercely protect it. This can destroy the dogs' relationship right at the start. When bringing a new pet into your home, it is a good idea to provide it with a separate cage so that there will be no misunderstandings between the animals. Later, after the animals accept each other, there may be situations in which both dogs will be found in one cage, but at the beginning they should have their own, separate cages.

Is the kennel cage only suitable for a dog?

It was common to only use a kennel cage on dogs. However, this is not only a dog's gadget - the cage can also be used in cats and ferrets, but you should give these animals a bit more time to get used to it.

The equipment should be selected in the same way as in the case of dogs - the cage should provide all the basic needs of the animal, and also, as in the case of dogs, the size of the cage should be appropriately selected. It should also be taken into account that the cat may like the cardboard it was packed in more than the cage.

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