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When to put aside kitten food?

When to put aside kitten food?

Switching from kitten food to adult cat food in principle, cats less than 1 year old are considered kittens. It is important that they are fed properly during this time. The exception to the rule will be representatives of larger breeds, i.e. adult cats naturally reaching over 6 kg body weight, such as. Main Coon cats that we consider adults only between 18 years of age. and 24. month of life.

Kittens grow and develop every day. Therefore, they need richer food that will satisfy the high energy and nutritional requirements of their small organisms in a more concentrated dose. As you get older, this requirement will change, and so should your cat's diet. Do not be surprised when you see that suddenly with age, the recommended daily amount of your kitten drops drastically by almost 1/3. This happens between the 6th and 9th months of your kitten's age, as can be seen in the dosing table, as the kitten's intensive growth phase ends but still needs a higher level of nutrients.

When your pet is one year old or when advised by a veterinarian, you should gradually switch your cat from the current food to the selected type recommended for adult cats. Spread this process out over a period of 7 to 10 days, gradually increasing the amount of new food each day and decreasing the amount of the old food. Remember that the average cat shouldn't eat more than about a cup of dry food a day.

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