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What toys are best for my cat?

What toys are best for my cat?

Whether you are looking for toys to keep your cat busy while you are away, or ideas for playing together, we have some helpful tips for you.

From tablet applications to the most ordinary cardboard boxes - you can choose from a huge number of toys for your cat or kitten. Interactive games with your participation allow your cat to improve its hunting skills and at the same time strengthen your bond, preparing you for later behavioral training sessions. Play is also a great physical exercise for a cat, helping it to maintain a proper weight and release any possible aggression. Most importantly, the toys provide a more varied environment for your cat to keep her active and content. So keep a supply of toys and change them regularly or add catnip to keep your cat interested. Remember to hide them after you have finished playing.

Homemade toys

As a rule, cats and kittens love all toys that pretend to be hunted in nature.

Rod toys - a long stick with feathers or objects suspended from a string - are usually the best, alongside balls, bells and wind-up mice. You can also reach for more technologically sophisticated toys, such as special applications for tablets or lasers, which are an irresistible challenge for the cat.

Or you can make a lot of toys yourself, using the things available in every home. Try a cardboard box, for example: open it up to create a tunnel and cut extra holes on the sides to make your cat more fun. A great homemade toy is an old sock stuffed with rustling paper with a bit of catnip. Just tie it at the end to get a "mouse " that will not burden your wallet in any way. It's enough!


20 minutes a day is the minimum amount of time that you should devote to playing with your cat every day to see the beneficial effects of activity on its health and behavior.


Catnip - Adding a little catnip to a toy can increase your cat's interest. However, it is worth remembering that kittens are not attracted to the smell of this herb, this taste appears later in the cat's life.

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