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What are my cat's basic needs?

What are my cat's basic needs?

We know that proper nutrition is just one of the many factors that will ensure your cat a long, happy and healthy life. That's why at Purina we work hard to help cat owners learn how to care for their pets comprehensively, i.e. about their psyche, silhouette, hair or claws.

Understand your cat's basic needs

To care for your cat and provide all the necessary nutrients, you first need to understand what your pet really needs. The most important elements ensuring the long and optimal functioning of the cat is to ensure the stability of the living environment and the regularity of regular habits in its life. It gives a sense of security and the predictability of upcoming events, thanks to which the animal's welfare is ensured. Here is an overview of things that will help your kitten grow up wonderfully.

Food and water

From a comprehensive and balanced diet to avoiding obesity, what you feed your cat is of the utmost importance. Do not change your food too drastically as this leads to stress on the digestive system which over time puts stress on the animal as a whole. Cats like a variety in their diet, but it is believed that the most optimal level at 1/3 of the daily dose. Hence, optimally serve 2/3 servings of basic food (e.g. half a cup of dry food for sterilized cats), and the rest of the portion 1 sachet (or a small can), different taste and type every day. Remember that your cat will drink more or less water, depending on what the food will be eaten (dry or wet). Therefore, you should always provide your cat with at least two bowls of water, at different points and at different heights in the home (e.g. one on the window sill).

Caring and love

One of the reasons Purina loves cats is the warmth of their company. However, as much as they give us affection, cats need our care. Make sure you spend enough time with your cat so that it socializes properly and becomes a full-fledged and happy family member.


Although cats love to sleep, they also need a lot of exercise. They love to play and develop hunting skills. By jumping and running, they discover their natural instincts. What's more, a frequent dose of physical activity will prevent your cat from becoming overweight. It is worth encouraging him to play by throwing the mouse, playing with a light spot or a fishing rod at least once a day. While playing, give your cat some cat treats to give him the impression of a successful hunt - this will affect his motivation and positive association with satisfying play. Do not let the cat catch your hands with its claws and distract its attention with toys from undesirable behavior (such as. scratching furniture or carpet), at the same time offering a solution in the form of e.g. a cardboard scratching post soaked in the aroma of catnip.

A comfortable living space

Make sure your home is comfortable and stimulating for your cat. There are many things you can do to make your pet feel there „as in its territory ". From providing him with the ability to climb and explore his surroundings, to feeling safe during meals and sleep. You don't have to buy a set of cat furniture right away. All you need to do is hang additional shelves in a few places, forming stairs, and you can remove a few trinkets from the shelves. Your cat functions in 3 dimensions - the more hiding places you give him, even in the form of an ordinary cardboard box, he will be happy. Make it possible to sleep in places close to radiators - be it on a windowsill or by installing a radiator hanger.


If you allow your cat to go outside, make sure that he can always find his way back. A cat collar with a special secure clasp with an identification tag containing the kitten's name and your phone number can help a potential finder to escort your pet home. Currently, the standard is permanent marking of animals by implanting a cat with a micro-chip at a veterinarian, which will facilitate the appropriate services to quickly contact the owner when the animal is found - of course, provided that you register it in the appropriate database. You can consider the above solutions even if your cat does not go outside. There is always a risk of accidentally slipping out of the house or jumping off the balcony.


Remember to buy stable bowls for water and food, an easily accessible litter box (covered or not depending on your preferences), scratching posts and a comfortable bed.

Use this list as a starting point to give your cat everything she needs.

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