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How to feed a domestic "tiger "

How to feed a domestic "tiger "

White, red, gray, gray. black or other CAT - is our substitute for contact with wildness and independence in the pursuit of daily duties. Many of us like to emphasize the independence of our Favorite and love to observe his natural cat movements resulting from predatory adaptation. However, the domestic cat is no longer a tiger - see how to meet his needs every day with Purina® ONE® to enjoy visible vitality and health today and tomorrow.

Living in a big city, our cats' way of life is far from that of nature. Thanks to loving care, the life of a domestic cat is now 3 or even 4.times longer life than that of free-living cats. It is influenced by, among others.in. veterinary prophylaxis, as well as balanced and tailored nutrition to the cat. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to supply high-quality raw materials to meet the needs of our cat. Proprietary formulas such as the Bifensis ™ formula present in Purina® ONE® also have a comprehensive impact on health, which strengthen your cat's immunity day after day. The best complete food for cats, in the light of the current state of knowledge, provides a balanced level of over several dozen nutrients. Cats live longer and longer. Therefore, in their old age we struggle with numerous problems: overweight, urinary tract diseases or dental problems. If we use proper prophylaxis, we will manage to avoid at least some cat problems. And the regular feeding of well-balanced functional feeds such as Purina® ONE® can help.

Purina® ONE® Adult is available rich in chicken, beef or salmon and whole grains to provide optimal nutrition for an adult cat throughout its life, further supporting:

Limiting tartar build-up by up to 40% * thanks to the presence of special ingredients in the food granules that bind minerals from cat's saliva, which physically reduces the hardening of plaque on cat's teeth

Urinary tract health through balanced mineral content and low ash levels in the label analysis

High digestibility of nutrients due to high-quality raw materials used in the production of feed, such as in the production of food for humans

Healthy skin and a shiny coat supported by appropriate omega 6 fatty acids and zinc

Maintain strong and healthy bones thanks to the optimal supply of minerals (calcium and phosphorus) and optimal vitamin D levels.

This translates into visible differences in the appearance and even behavior of your cat after 21 days of regular eating of Purina® ONE® Adult, recommended for adult cats.

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