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How to Deal with Losing a Favorite?

Create a dog's memorial site

Creating a memorial site for your pet may be helpful in relieving the pain of loss. It is best to make them where he is buried or in his favorite part of the garden. You can plant a tree or other plant that, as it grows or blooms, will remind you and your children of your beloved animal.

After the dog is gone, try to explain the situation to the children in the simplest and appropriate words for their age. Try to avoid fancy euphemisms and lies. An honest and simple message will be the most understandable. Losing a dog is a difficult and incomprehensible experience for children, especially since they got used to the presence of a pet in their lives and certainly treated him as a friend. Therefore, it is better not to say that he ran away or that he is asleep, so as not to give them false hopes. The child should also accept the actual state of affairs and should be able to say goodbye to his four-legged friend.

Share your feelings

Don't be ashamed to talk about your feelings. Talking frankly with someone with similar experiences will help ease the suffering of losing a favorite. If you don't feel like talking to people around you, contact an animal foundation that offers support during mourning after the loss of a pet.

Some foundations' volunteers offer psychological help to pet owners during this demanding time. They are people of all ages and backgrounds who have received special training to support people like you. You can call them, they will listen to you and help you through the difficult moments after the death of the animal.

When to decide on a new pet?

After losing your beloved pet, you should not rush the decision to have another favorite. It is natural to want to fill an empty space, but it does not always bring relief. Better to give yourself time to come to terms with your loss. A longing for a previous animal can disrupt the beginning of a new, beautiful relationship. Grieving after your dog dies can obscure the joy of having a puppy, just as the sadness of losing a cat will make it difficult to build a new relationship with your little cat.

Each new pet in the house deserves to develop its own personality and gradually win the love of its owner, rather than living in the shadow of the memory of the previous pet. When you decide to get a new animal, make it look different from its predecessor. Both creatures deserve to be treated with due respect.

Think positive

It is natural to feel sorrow and longing during mourning. You just said goodbye to a beloved family member. If this situation overwhelms you, talk to people who understand what you are going through. Contact your primary care physician if you have trouble sleeping or other disturbing symptoms. Remember, despite the fact that you are going through a difficult time now, you will feel better soon, and you will remember beautiful, joyful memories of the moments spent together with your beloved pet.

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