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How To Help Your Dog Lose Weight - The Dog Obesity Problem

Probably your dog loves treats. For many dogs, food is an important source of motivation. When you show tenderness to your pet or take him to dog training, it may happen that you overdo it with rewards, the daily amount of which should not exceed 10% of the daily amount. These behaviors can cause your dog to gain weight over time.

Preparations for slimming a dog

Our volunteers are Labrador Ellie and her owner Carol and cocker spaniel Kali and her owner Alison. For nine months, both dogs participated in the Size Matters program. We have developed a healthy diet for them. The owners listened to the advice of our veterinarian and animal behaviorist, as well as the advice of the Purina Pet Care expert team.

If Ellie and Kali inspire you to work on your dog's weight, contact the PURINA PetCare team today! After all, thinning a dog doesn't have to be a difficult task. Soon you will see your pet changing.

Ellie the Labrador Retriever weight loss plan (click to find out more)

Like all of us, Carol Musgrave loved giving her eight-year-old Labrador Ellie some treats. When Carol enrolled Ellie in the Size Matters program, the bitch weighed 38.1 kg. It means that she was obese - her body weight exceeded the norm by 36%. In the case of an average woman's size, this would mean such a weight that instead of 65 kg, she would weigh 90 kg. Carol turned to Purin for help because Ellie lost her enthusiasm and fell ill due to obesity.

Fortunately, change was possible - as with any overweight animal. Thanks to a healthy diet, Ellie and Carol quickly began to see a big difference in the appearance and behavior of slimming dogs. Check out what has changed in nine months!

The success of the Labrador Retriever Ellie

At the end of the program, Labrador Ellie weighed 29.8 kg and her BCS Body Condition Index was 5.5 - which was close to ideal! Thanks to weight control, specially adapted food and a lot of enthusiasm, the bitch Ellie quickly began to enjoy the greatest reward - improving her health.

Your dog has an obesity problem like Ella and Carol's dogs? Are you looking for free advice on how to help your dog lose weight? Get in touch with our Purina Pet Care team.

Kali spaniel's weight loss plan (find out more)

The four-year-old cocker spaniel Kali is Alison Olsen's dog. Before entering the Size Matters program, the female Kali weighed 14.3 kg, which is 44% more than the target weight for dogs of this breed. Alison knew she had to act. She wanted the spaniel Kali to lose weight and be a healthy, happy dog ​​again. She turned to Purina for help.

Thanks to a specially adapted diet and the right amount of exercise, Kali's health began to improve quickly. Check how it has changed after nine months!

The success of the spaniel Kali

At the end of the program, the bitch Kali weighed 11.6 kg and her body condition index was 6, which was a significant improvement. Kali has proven that dogs can lose weight. Now she is healthier and more active than ever before!

You have problems like the dogs Kali and Alison? Are you looking for free advice? Get in touch with our Purina Pet Care team.

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