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How To Teach Your Dog To Pee At Home: Cleanliness Training And Common Mistakes

If you are wondering how to teach your dog to pee at home - read this article! You will learn from it how to conduct it correctly cleanliness training in a dog. I will also explain to you what are the most common mistakes made by puppy caregivers when learning to keep the puppies clean and how to teach a dog to pee outside.

How to stop your dog from peeing at home?

You come back after a busy day of work.

You only dream about lying on the couch with your beloved pet.

You are already looking forward to seeing your puppy.

You enter the house where your pet greets you and

a huge puddle on your favorite carpet!

Instead of resting, you will be cleaning again?

  • Puppy at home
  • How to teach a dog to pee outside?
  • How to stop your dog from peeing at home?
    • Do not succumb to overheard "educational methods "
    • Do not be guided by the descriptions of dog breeds
    • Dog sleepers and diapers
    • Don't yell at the dog

Puppy at home

What To Do When Your Puppy Peeing At Home?

Before you decide to take a puppy home, know that:

  1. A puppy up to 4-5 months of age is not able to survive for a long time without satisfying its physiological needs, so there may be cases of peeing at home both during the day and at night.
    Know that your little one won't sleep through her all the time.
  2. A small dog takes care of its physiological needs after a nap, after eating and after intense play.
    remember that.
    Be vigilant in situations such as. guests come and start playing with your puppy.
    Don't let this fun last long.
    Break it to take the pooch outside.
  3. Remember that in puppies of small breeds, such as Chihuahua, Maltese or Yorkshire Terrier, due to their small size, digestive processes take place much faster.
    This is why puppies of these breeds kill more often than puppies of medium-sized breeds.

If you are a guardian of a puppy of such a "small " breed of dog, then you have probably noticed that you are often unable to run to a dog that defecates.

In such a situation, try to stay ahead of the facts and take your little one outside many times a day.

Remember to do it as often as possible.

If your puppy it keeps the house clean, and recently happened to return to the old behavior related to taking care of himself indoors, then know that the reason for this behavior may be:

  • dog's disease (it should first of all be examined by a veterinarian),
  • some traumatic event that the puppy has experienced; dogs often in a situation where they feel threatened in some way, take care of their physiological needs in a place where they feel safe - most often it is the house where they live.

If your puppy is behaving similar to the one in the video below, read on to the end.

(IMG 1001) Peeing Pup
Watch this video on YouTube

How to teach a dog to pee outside?

How to teach a dog to pee outside?

Be aware that the more time your toddler learns to keep clean, the sooner he or she will master this skill will stop peeing at home.

Initially, when introducing cleanliness training, it would be ideal if you could be with your toddler all the time at home.

Do not regret your time devoted to this study.

If you can, take a leave from work devoted only to the puppies.

This is a very important moment that will significantly affect your future life together.

The time spent together during this period only for the toddler can be used well to learn dog communication, observe the puppy and get to know his needs.

After all, it's a completely new situation for you (you and your puppies).

Allow yourself and your dog to accept it calmly.

Remember to take your puppy outside as much as possible.

From the beginning, try to observe the dog - he always signals earlier that he is going to piss off.


The toddler usually stops a given activity and starts sniffing, walking in a circle - he simply starts looking for a suitable place to meet his physiological needs.

Sometimes it happens that a young dog forgets himself and pee at home without "prior notice ".

In such a situation, do not be nervous! It is still a small canine child.

You wonder how to consolidate the desired behavior in your dog?

Just reward the puppy word, touch and treat in every situation that brings him closer to the right, desired by you behavior.

Reward for every signal the puppy gives when he wants to take care of himself:

reward each approach to the exit door, and finally handsomely praise for pissing outside!

The toddler will remember such a prize and associate it with the current activity and environment.

How to stop your dog from peeing at home?

How to teach a dog to do errands outside?

Do not succumb to overheard "educational methods "

Do not succumb to "educational methods " such as:

every time your dog kills himself in the house, stick his nose in the droppings!

Can anyone really think that this is a good method to help teach your dog to peeing at home??

I can assure you that it is not!

The puppy does not associate such a situation with the place of taking care of himself at all, but with the activity he is forced to do.

This can lead the puppy to associate that once disposed of, it should emerge in its own faeces

Do not follow the descriptions of dog breeds

Do not be influenced by descriptions of dog breeds and statements on the network of other dog owners about the frequency of defecation.

The dog is not a programmed automat!

Remember that every animal, as well as man, is different.

Each dog not only has a different home and owners, but each one functions differently physiologically. First of all, due to its individual characteristics, individual diet and physical condition, it requires an individual approach.

Learn to observe your pet. Get to know his individual needs and try to satisfy them. Adjust the number of exits with your toddler to how many they actually need.

Try to match his needs with your individual rhythm of the day. This is the time when you learn each other.

Dog sleepers and diapers

If you choose to introduce sleepers, newspapers if pee diapers for dogs, be aware that such a situation always affects the course of cleanliness training.

If the cleanliness training is not disturbed, it will definitely extend its course significantly.


First of all, the introduction of such mats is a signal to the animal that you can pee at home.

The longer you use it, the more you consolidate the habit of peeing on objects lying on the floor:

the dog always generalizes - it does not distinguish between mats, diapers or newspapers from the sidewalks that you use every day at home for decorative purposes.

Therefore, if you bring home anyway peeing pads for a dog, Be prepared that the process of switching from matting in your home to outside lawn will be longer and more time consuming.

After all, you will have to teach your dog the behavior that you recorded so scrupulously day after day from the very stay in your new home.

Don't yell at the dog

Don't yell at the dog

What do you do when you see a puddle on the carpet when you enter the house??

You sometimes shout or scold your dog? Do not do this!

The dog, after the fact, is unable to associate your behavior with what happened before.

For him, in such a situation, the message you send is completely different from what you are trying to convey to him.

The puppy learns that sometimes a man starts screaming when he meets a dog, and sometimes he is nice.

He doesn't understand this variability.

This situation is conducive to building the dog's distrust towards humans.

Learn how to punish a dog in the article

"How to punish a dog? ”?


How to stop your dog from peeing at home?

Remember that behavior correction only makes sense if you use it when your dog is performing an undesirable activity (for example, peeing at home).

Once something has happened before, a negative reaction no longer makes any sense, if it ever does

Remember not to confuse the correction with disciplining the animal.

Correction is a message you give your dog to understand that you expect a different behavior from him.

How to teach a dog to pee outside?

If you catch your puppy peeing on the carpet, stop him from doing this, e.g. with a loud clap and quickly take him to the grass so that he can finish his activity there.

To teach your dog to pee outdoors, as soon as he takes care of his physiological needs, praise the dog and give him a treat.

Thanks to such an award, which in itself is a strong reinforcement, the puppy will quickly associate such pleasure with what he has currently done.

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