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How to take good care of a cat?

How to take good care of a cat?

There are many things that all cat owners must keep in mind. Here is a list of a few of the highlights

What is allowed?

Try to play with your cat every day. Your pet needs stimulation and daily activities will do wonders for his health and quality of life.

Provide your cat with a scratching post to sharpen its claws on. If you don't, your Favorite can give free rein to his natural instincts on the furniture.

Make sure the litter box is clean and tidy. Place it in a quiet place and change the litter at least once a day. With more cats, more litter boxes will be needed. It is recommended that there are one more containers for the handling of needs than for cats in the house. If possible, they should be placed in different places and rooms.

What is not allowed?

Do not grab an adult cat by the skin on its neck. Cat mums often move their young this way, but picking up a big cat can hurt or hurt it. Instead, grab the Favorite with one hand just behind the front paw, under the chest, and with the other hand, slip it under the stomach. This way you don't put strain on the cat's spine.

Don't let the cat bite the strings, especially in your absence. If swallowed, they can lead to blockages in the digestive system and cause vomiting.

Do not let your Favorite on the window sills above the first floor, if there are no protective nets in them. Your little predator might jump out of the window in pursuit of a bird or something equally exciting and seriously injure itself in the fall.

We hope these tips will help you give your cat the best possible care.

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