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Interactive nutrition, that is playing while eating

Interactive nutrition, i.e. having fun while eating

If your cat is overweight or has a tendency to eat all of its food in one meal, you should consider using toys and accessories to feed your cats. They stimulate the cat's natural curiosity, allowing the discharge of natural instincts.

Where to find interactive toys?

You can find them at pet stores or search the Internet for ways to build them yourself. Even a pizza box can turn into a clever cat feeder. It is enough that we cut out the windows in it to the size of the paw and the cat will have to move the food hidden in the box with its paw.

Various kinds of

All kinds of feeding toys stimulate a cat's need to hunt and be active in order to get food. It is currently a procedure recommended by the international organization of veterinarians to improve the cat's welfare and reduce the level of frustration and boredom associated with changing the lifestyle of domestic cats.

The benefits of feeding toys

Rewarding the effort that the cat puts into obtaining it with the calculated, correspondingly smaller portion of food, prevents it from simply eating the entire daily ration when it is exposed in the bowl. However, be sure to check your feeding toys to make sure your cat is actually eating the correct recommended daily amount of food.

We hope your cat has a good time getting food from feeding toys.

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