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Hotel for dogs: how much it costs and how to choose a good dog hotel?

Hotel for a dog

You've had an unplanned trip?

Holidays away from home, or an offer of seasonal work abroad, which it would be a shame to give up?

Great! Opportunities must be seized. There is only one "but ":

What to do with the dog?

If you are considering leaving your pet in hotel for dogs, this article is just for you.

Read the text below.

From it you will learn:

  • Is a dog hotel a good option for your dog?
  • What to consider when choosing the right hotel for a dog?

When you decide to have a dog, you assume that it will be your companion for many years.

Of course, it is impossible to predict what your life will be in 10-15 years.

One thing is for sure - if you are a responsible guardian, you never assume the option of getting rid of your dog in a situation where it becomes uncomfortable for you in some way.

Today, having a pet is not an obstacle when you are planning to leave home.

There are more and more advertisements on the market offering pet care during your absence.

  • What is a dog hotel?
  • How to choose a good dog hotel?
    • Who runs a dog hotel?
    • Reference
    • Hotel stay conditions and daily schedule
    • Admission of the dog to the hotel
  • Hotel for a dog - price list

What is a dog hotel?

What is a dog hotel?

hotel for dogs is a place where you can take your dog and, for an appropriate fee, leave it in your care for up to several months.

There are two types of hotels on the market:

  1. Home dog hotel - offering care for your dog in your home.
  2. Dog kennel hotel - the person offering care accepts dogs in specially adapted pens with runs.

Hotel kennels are less popular due to the fact that there are relatively fewer dogs living outside.

This type of offer is used only by owners of large breeds and animals that are not suitable for living in a hotel room for various reasons.

Leading persons home hotel for dogs, they offer this type of service by accepting the animals.

They offer:

  • round-the-clock care,
  • walks,
  • having fun,
  • care,
  • feeding in accordance with the times set by the owner of the dog.

It would seem that this offer is almost perfect - after all, you do not remember when you could devote the whole day to your dog.

It is a good solution, but under several conditions.

Which ones, you will learn later in this article.

How to choose a good dog hotel?

What a hotel for a dog?

No matter what type hotel for dogs if you want to use it, remember to follow a few basic assumptions when choosing it.

Who runs a dog hotel?

First of all, pay attention who is offering the service.

Good hotel for dogs it is one where care is offered by a responsible, qualified and well-prepared person.

Find out what preparation and qualifications the guardian has.

Does he have experience in this type of work??


Find out about this dog hotel from its former clients. Check if the place has a good reputation.

You must be aware that when you bring your dog to a hotel (especially for the first time), your pet will not understand that this situation is temporary - the dog does not understand that you are going on vacation, work or Christmas.

Therefore, it is very important that the guardian admitting the animal to his hotel has the knowledge and awareness of how to minimize the anxiety and fear associated with the new situation.

A skilled person will know how to work with a dog so that it can relax and calm down.

Hotel stay conditions and daily schedule

Be sure to check the conditions of the dog hotel!

find out what conditions of stay the hotel offers and what the average daily schedule looks like your pet's stay in such a place.

if dog hotel it is not far from your place of residence, it visit this place beforehand.

See what hotel rooms look like.

Check if the place has a separate and well-fenced area serving as an enclosure for animals.

Sometimes a house that accepts dogs does not have space to run, then the handler offers several long walks during the day instead.

It is important that your dog does not stay in a room or pen most of the time.

After all, this is not what it is about to "keep the dog locked up ".

Hotel for a dog is to provide your pet with good conditions and, as far as possible, minimize the stress of the pet, such as changing its environment and separation from the owner.

Ideally, the hotel should be located in a quiet area, away from the city and the noise of the area.

Know that poor living conditions, inadequate coping with the stress experienced by your pet, and the lack of satisfying its basic needs (such as the lack of exercise, play and contact with humans) may result in the appearance of a number of behavioral problems.

If the pet experiences this type of neglect, then after returning home, you may expect behaviors that, due to the traumatic experiences in the hotel, will be a consequence of it.

It may occur e.g. urination and faeces at home, other signs of severe stress or behavior related to separation anxiety.

Therefore, you must be sure that the dog will not be locked in a pen or hotel stall all the time, which may be associated with bondage and fear.

A good solution is constant contact with the pet's guardian via the Internet or telephone.

Ask for a photo report or a short video of playing or walking with your dog.

The more you are interested in your pet, the more the hotel keeper will see that you will not be indifferent to the stay of the pet in its facility.

In addition, it is good if such an institution has its website and you can read all the information that is important to you.

Admission of the dog to the hotel

pay attention to the procedure for admitting the dog to the hotel.

Professional dog hotels accept quadrupeds on a basis hotel contract.

Demand current health booklet animal along with current vaccinations.

This is important!

You don't want your dog to get sick in your absence.

In addition, such facilities also have their own regulations, which should be read.

Beware of advertisements posted somewhere on advertising portals or in newspapers where there is no information relevant to you.

Super low price for care with the lack of information about the person offering the service or the place where the hotel is located is highly suspicious.

In addition, in the absence of an agreement between you and the hotel, in a dispute situation you have no basis to seek your rights and claims in court.

Hotel for a dog - price list

How much is a hotel for a dog?

When selecting hotel for a dog price should not be crucial. Prices for dog hotels they are very different and vary from 30 PLN to about 100 PLN per day.

Remember that during the holidays or New Year's Eve, basic prices often increase by up to 50% due to the festive season.

Of course, the price may be an indicator of the conditions offered by the hotel for dogs.

Most often, on the website in the hotel gallery, you can look at the equipment of the rooms, the equipment of the catwalk for dogs or the playroom (common room) for pets.

Unfortunately, these prices can be deceptive.

While the equipment can be of the so-called top shelf, the most important thing is the approach to animals.

Remember that the dog does not pay attention to the quality of the furniture or the playpen.

A sense of security will not be given by pillows or new toys, but most of all by the approach and care of the person who stays with him during your absence.


How to choose a good dog hotel

If you cannot take your dog with you on a trip, use the services of a professional, good hotel for dogs.

When choosing this type of service, remember to be guided primarily by the guarantee of a proper approach to animals, which can only be ensured by a competent person who runs this type of facility or who is a guardian of such facilities.

Pay attention to their qualifications and the way they work.

Ask for an opinion on such a place.

Know that with proper care and providing the dog with its basic needs, even a long separation of the animal from its handler can be quite a pleasant time for him.

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