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The second cat in the house: when is it worthwhile to decide to refrain?

The second cat in the house

When someone becomes a cat keeper, they usually remain a cat keeper for the rest of their lives.

Often it does not end with one purring.

Owners who, after some time, realize what interesting pets cats are, decide to another purring companion.

What are the advantages and problems of having multiple cats? How to tame kittens with each other ? I will try to answer these and other questions in this article.

  • The second cat in the house - why is it worth it?
    • Limiting the loneliness of our only child
    • Two cats cause less damage to the home
    • Better cat development
    • Having a second cat in the house reduces the risk of being overweight and related to disease
  • What are the disadvantages of having two cats?
  • How to choose a new cat? How to tame cats with your presence?
    • The second cat in the house is a male or female cat?
    • When to decide on a second cat?
  • How to tame cats with each other?

The second cat in the house - why is it worth it?

What are the benefits of having multiple cats?

In addition to more cat love and a double dose of relaxing purr, there are other tangible benefits as well.

Limiting the loneliness of our only child

Limiting the loneliness of our only child

Pair cats never get bored because they have a play companion.

Also, our remorse is smaller when we do not leave the kitten alone for the whole day.

And here's my note:

remember that a cat that sees you for several hours a day will not be as attached to you as to the roommate with whom it spends most of its time - although there are exceptions here as well.

Two cats cause less damage to the home

A cat that is bored tries to find something to do.

Whoever has had a cat knows what a bitten cable, a broken flower pot or a broken cup mean.

The second cat will certainly not protect us completely from such events, but there is a chance that it will reduce their intensity.

Better cat development

Cats living together develop better

Other benefits relate to the health and behavior of the cat itself.

First, better cat development:

cats raised in pairs often learn different behaviors from each other - from using the litter box to accepting people as a friend.

Cats kept in pairs learn faster because they can imitate their colleagues.

Having a second cat in the house reduces the risk of being overweight and related to disease

Less risk of being overweight

The second cat it means more exercise, hence the lower risk that our kitten will become an obese cat with diabetes, heart disease, etc.

It has also been proven that cats living in groups live longer than singles.

At last:

the sight of two playing cats, caring for each other, sleeping curled up in a ball, is a picture that will move us and provide us with many positive emotions.

What are the disadvantages of having two cats?

Cats are territorial animals

Thinking about the other cat caregivers usually worry about how the "old cat" will accept a new companion.

Cats are territorial animals, so they may want to defend their home at first.

But don't worry, properly conducted adaptation processes should protect your new cat from hisses and aggressive attacks.

Remember that the arrival of a new kitten can be stressful for both old and new pets.

Symptoms of this condition may include:

  • hiding in corners, closets,
  • passing urine and faeces in places not intended for this,
  • decreased appetite,
  • agitation and attacking the owner,
  • hissing, fluffiness, tail fluffiness,
  • self-harm,
  • hair loss etc.

There are some measures you can take to get some relief from these symptoms.

You may find it helpful:

  • catnip,
  • small amounts of valerian,
  • cat pheromones,
  • herbal type sedatives KalmAid, KalmVet, Zylkene e.t.c.

You must also remember that a new cat will need new equipment, that is:

  • litter boxes,
  • cups,
  • toys,
  • lairs.

Before bringing him home, prepare him a retreat where he can soothe his disturbed by the new situation.

Remember that 2 cats need 3 litter boxes.

Before the arrival of a new household member, prepare a place for them.

Check the health of the new cat

If you decide to get a cat from a shelter, don't forget to check your pet's health.

In an ideal world, a kitten should be vaccinated, examined by a veterinarian, dewormed and protected against ticks.

It is also worth considering giving your new kitten a FIV / FeLV test.

These activities are intended to protect the older cat from diseases that are very dangerous for its health and life.

If you are concerned about your new cat's health, it's best to isolate them on 1-2 weeks, or for the time of recovery.

If any of your cats develop any disturbing symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Also tell him that there is a new kitten in the house.

There are a number of infectious diseases, i.e. panleukopenia, feline leukemia, infectious peritonitis (FIP), FIV, cat runny nose syndrome, or parasites that can threaten not only the health but also the life of an elderly cat household member.

Also, remember to sterilize or castrate the new inhabitant.

First, it will prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Secondly, neutered / spayed cats, especially males, are less aggressive.

How to choose a new cat? How to tame cats with your presence?

By choosing a second cat it's best to spend a few hours with him or ask the previous owner about the cat's character.

A calm cat will not feel comfortable with a hyperactive kitten.

Also pay attention to whether the other cat is not aggressive.

Another thing you need to keep in mind if you decide to adopt a cat baby:

remember not to neglect your older cat.

You must divide your attention equally so that no cat feels disadvantaged.

The second cat in the house is a male or female cat?

The second cat in the house is a male or female cat?

In my opinion, the gender (as long as the cat is spayed / neutered) or the breed does not matter here.

I know pairs of purebred cats that do not like each other, but I know also those that do not see the world behind them.

The situation is similar in mixed groups.

When to decide on a second cat?

Also remember to choose a good time to finish.

Don't think about getting too much fat when your old kitten starts to get sick, for example. because of age.

Firstly, the disease itself is stressful for him, secondly, the new cat can also cause anxiety, and thirdly, you risk that the new kitten will contract some disease from the older one.

Ideally, a few days before the planned arrival of your new kitten, support the immunity of your old favorite with vitamins for cats and immunity-boosting agents, e.g. such containing lysine, if beta - glucan.

You can also think about using it at home feline pheromones.

It's also best if you reserve a few days off for this time.

In this way, you will not only be able to control the behavior of the kittens towards each other, whether you will be able to observe any disturbing disease symptoms, but also get to know the personality of your new kitten.

How to tame cats with each other?

How to tame cats with each other?

First, slowly.

If you are concerned about cats' reactions:

  1. In the first stage, keep the cats in 2 separate rooms - so that they feel their smell and presence, but do not have direct contact.
  2. Hide the new kitten in the carrier and then put it in the room with the older resident.
    This way, cats will get used to their presence. You will also see if they react aggressively to each other.
  3. If the cats are interested in their presence and do not show aggression, you can open the door of the transporter.
    Keep your cats under control at all times.
    You can reward their good behavior with a treat.
    However, remember that the older kitten should get the treat first.
  4. In the first few days, do not leave the cats together when you are away.
    Only when you are sure that they are not aggressive towards yourself, you can trust them and leave them in one room for a long time.
  5. Only intervene when cats react aggressively to each other.
    Single hisses, spiky hair, or fights, but without claws, are elements of "cat lapping ".
    So give them time to build their own relationships.

Another method is to feed the kittens from one large bowl.

However, I am not its supporter.

It often ends with fights and depression of one of the household members.

As for the time it takes to tame your kittens, it depends on their personality.

Sometimes they like each other right away, but sometimes it takes up to several weeks.


Several cats in the house

Possession several cats it has its pros and cons.

If you decide to have a second cat, be prepared to welcome the new household member.

Make a place for him in your home.

Also, do not forget about the well-being of the older cat.

The arrival of a new cat is a great stress for the territorial nature of cats.

Properly carried out appraisal and the possession of several cats can provide both a pet and a person with a lot of positive emotions.

You want to adopt a second cat and have questions about it? Or maybe you already have two kittens and you want to share your experience with other readers?

Post a comment under the article, I will be happy to read your thoughts and I will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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