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Good cat food, which is what? How to choose cat food

Good cat food, which is what? How to choose cat food?

You know perfectly well that everyday choices translate into visible health and life expectancy for you and your cat. To effectively meet the daily requirement for several dozen nutrients, you reach for a complete feed from a proven manufacturer. Purina® ONE® is the highest-quality, high-quality food that has been supporting the health of generations of cats for over 30 years, showing the difference already after 21 days of regular feeding.

Why do you choose food for

the cat?

Currently, when we reach for cat food, we have a number of reasons for a given product to be in its bowl. Among the numerous declarations of various manufacturers, we do not always find products tested by other Cats. Purina® is one of the oldest companies specializing in the preparation of meals for our pets for almost a century. A team of animal nutrition specialists and veterinarians take care of the recipes and modern composition, based on the latest scientific reports. All nutrition claims on the packaging are backed up by relevant research, and numerous groups of satisfied Cat owners see a significant difference in using Purina® ONE® foods in their Cats' nutrition.

And for

what YOU choose food for your Cat? And according to this choice which products will meet your expectations. A nutritious daily meal that translates into your Cat's visible health today and tomorrow.

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Many Cat owners reach for food guided by the declared taste. The description on the food packaging that declares the taste (e.g. chicken or chicken flavored food) may only represent a certain percentage of that selected flavor-forming ingredient in the total food recipe (depending on labeling).

Purina® ONE® food is a feast of flavors rich in selected ingredients of animal origin, giving you and your cat a huge choice and the ability to adjust not only to special needs. Term „rich in

”Means that more than 1/5 of a food recipe is the selected raw material, which actually affects the taste properties of a given food. You can choose from the Purina® ONE® line of foods rich in: chicken, turkey, beef and salmon. Only raw materials of the same quality as those allowed for human consumption are used in the production to ensure your cat's safety and high quality of the product.

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Many Cat owners understand the importance of diversity in their Cat's life, but they also warn that he should receive an appropriate balance of nutrients at different stages of his life. Depending on whether we have an energetic Junior cat, an adult cat with standard needs or a settled indoor cat with lower activity (Indoor Formula), we can choose a product that meets his daily needs in the right portion.

It is especially important to ensure your Cat is growing properly during the first 12 months. Later, our cat should be monitored and provided with functional products. Meeting their individual needs will allow you to observe the visible difference that comes from using Purina® ONE®.

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Purina® ONE® is a line of foods that provide a visible difference in the nutrition of your cat. This is due to the appropriate composition of ingredients developed by experts, which, by providing the highest quality nutrition, allow you to observe a visible impact on the functioning of your cat. The possibilities offered by the food allow to meet the most frequently sought problems of owners and their cats:

STERILCAT [available rich in beef or salmon - food dedicated to cats with a tendency to gain weight, with a balanced content of minerals to relieve the cat's urinary system;

URINARY CARE [available rich in chicken - enriched with ingredients that care for your cat's excretory system;

INDOOR FORMULA [rich in turkey - recommended for cats with lower activity sitting mainly at home, with a higher fiber content, which helps to expel hair balls while helping to reduce the intensity of unpleasant odors from the litter box;

COAT & HAIRBALL [rich in chicken - recommended for long-haired cats, enriched with a formula for a beautiful coat that helps to reduce out-of-season shedding and remove hair balls from the stomach;

SENSITIVE [rich in turkey - an easily digestible recipe recommended for cats with a sensitive digestive tract with a limited amount of protein sources, ensuring optimal bowel consistency.

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Already after 21 days of regular feeding with Purina® ONE®, you will notice the expected visible differences. Your Cat will also acquire additional invisible protection. Thanks to the unique proprietary formula of Bifensis ™, it will be supported by natural immune mechanisms. As a result, it will be more resistant to pathogens attacking it from the outside, which reduces the risk of falling ill. It is worth arming our Cat with such an invisible shield, because thanks to this we will be able to enjoy his visible health today and tomorrow.

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