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Why do cats dig in pots?

Why do cats dig in pots?

Is having a cat the same as giving up potted flowers?? Does every flowerpot evoke the need for digging? What tricks will help protect our flowers from devastation and the cat from poisoning?

Why do cats kick?

Cats kick for completely different reasons than dogs. First and foremost, cats need to bury their droppings to hide their odor effectively. This behavior is completely natural and we should make it easier for our cats. If the cat throws out a lot of litter while digging in the litter box, it is a good idea to get a covered litter box and put a special mat for paws in front of it.

Digging or sweeping under the rug?

It turns out that cats are digging not only in potted flowers, but we also observe this behavior on the hard floor, tiles, soft bedding, and even on the handler's skin and, of course, in the bowl. In most cases, it is a cat's enhancement or masking of smell, depending on the context and situation. Digging around the bowl can be associated with marking your presence there, and digging in the bowl itself looking for tastier bites.

Digging in flowers is usually related to the desire to use them for toilet purposes. Therefore, it is worth protecting the flowers by arranging large flat stones in a pot or surrounding the flower with a net. However, be careful, because such a net can be attractive and dangerous for the cat. It is worth checking regularly that the litter boxes are clean and make sure that their number is sufficient for our cats. Also, the level of litter in the litter box may be too low and result in searching for an alternative toilet and digging in the ground. Sufficient sand should be half to three / quarters of the litter height (depends on the total litter area).

Digging or kneading the owner?

The most interesting behavior is digging

in humans, i.e. the cat kneading the guardian's body with its paws. We can also observe the gesture of changing with paws on blankets, pillows and other soft surfaces. In this case, it is associated with triggering emotions and attracting attention by the cat. At the same time, it allows the smell to remain in the kneaded area - the individual smell of the cat is emitted in the spaces on the paws. In this way, the cat marks its owner and places that are more important to him. This behavior comes from feline early childhood.

The need to kick in cats is natural and often observed. However, the reason and purpose of such digging can be very different - it is worth observing your cat and reading its signals to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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