Daily prophylaxis of the oral cavity of dogs from a puppy allows you to prevent many diseases and problems, e.g.: tartar build-up, gingivitis or bad mouth odor. When caring for the mouth of small dogs, all decisions, such as choosing the correct size of chew treats and activities such as brushing dogs' teeth, need to be slightly changed. Read on to find out how to adapt your daily and routine dental care routine to your little dog's needs.

Why teeth care is especially important for small dog breeds?

Dental care is important for all dogs, but particular care should be taken for the teeth of some small dog breeds. This is because some small breed dogs have a skull structure which increases the risk of developing certain dental problems. Examples of small breed dogs that could suffer from such problems are pugs and chihuahuas as they are representatives of the brachycephalic breeds that often suffer from tooth crowding. In turn, crowding of teeth in a dog's mouth can lead to more serious health problems.

Brushing teeth in a small dog

First, you should use a smaller toothbrush. A smaller toothbrush will be more effective when brushing the teeth in a small dog's mouth. When brushing small dogs' teeth, take extra care to reach the spaces between their teeth and clean any areas where plaque builds up. Using a larger, mismatched brush may discourage our pet from taking care of the oral cavity.

A specialized, dog-friendly toothpaste is a must when brushing the teeth of every four-legged friend. You should not use human toothpaste as it contains chemicals that can be harmful to your dog. For example, foaming agents in human toothpaste can cause liver damage in dogs. Sugar substitutes used in human toothpaste can prove toxic, causing a dangerous drop in blood sugar levels in dogs; this is another reason why you should avoid using human toothpaste when cleaning your dog's teeth. In addition, human toothpastes often have a minty taste that can be very unpleasant for dogs.

For steps on how to brush your dog's teeth step by step, check out our guide to brushing your dog's teeth.

Dental teethers for small dogs

Dental teethers are a great way to keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy on a daily basis. We have created a whole range of DentaLife chews dedicated to small dogs. For dogs weighing 2-7 kg, we recommend the use of teethers for very small dogs. When weighing 7-12 kg, we recommend that you give your pet chews for small dogs.

Thanks to a revolutionary formula created for the care of the oral cavity of dogs, our DentaLife chews minimize plaque build-up. Each dog chew toy has a chewy porous texture that removes plaque from hard-to-reach areas in your dog's mouth. Our dental teethers - when used daily - are scientifically proven to help reduce the build-up of tartar in your dog. Less tartar means healthier teeth and gums in a small dog. This makes dental chews a great addition to the oral hygiene of any small dog.

Our chews are free from artificial colors and flavors and have a delicious chicken flavor. Moreover, Purina DentaLife teethers are sugar-free and contain little fat. Check out our product page for more information on Purina DentaLife teethers.

For tips on how to care for your dog's mouth and teeth, visit our collection of tips for caring for your dog's teeth, where you'll find lots of interesting articles on caring for your dog's teeth, along with information on dental problems in dogs.

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