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Is my cat picky?

Is my cat picky?

Although every cat has its own mind, the way you treat your pet has a big impact on its learning process. If you often mix his food or change the schedule of meals, lure an undecided cat to a bowl with treats from the family table, then you can successfully raise a picky eater.

Your four-legged friend will learn very quickly how to manipulate you to get „human "morsels" instead of a healthy and balanced meal. Look at this problem from your cat's point of view. What would you do if you are rewarded every time you miss your dinner?? To avoid getting obnoxious, make a meal plan and stick to it. Also, do not leave excess food in the bowl as this contributes to overfeeding the cat but not necessarily to a balanced nutrient intake.

It is known that the cat hunts its owner by the refrigerator. The handler thinks that he taught the cat to behave like this, but the opposite is true. Out of boredom, the cat looks for ways to successfully get something. If, at a cat meowing in the kitchen, you immediately open the refrigerator and give the cat a piece of sausage or cheese, understand that you have just been hunted. Therefore, try to teach your cat this behavior by teaching a new order when the cat meows in the kitchen, pet him and give him special cat-sweets. Food for humans has the wrong proportions of minerals that are harmful to cats' kidneys, not to mention their calorific value - one slice of meat is worth as much as a cat sachet

.If a cat catches all its family members under the refrigerator, it does not need to eat anything during the day

Like a child, in an ice cream shop before lunch.

If your cat usually does not fuss around the bowl and you try to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes, but still have problems with meals, take your cat to your veterinarian. Any deviation from previously established habits can be a symptom of an illness!

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