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Are indoor cats less happy than outdoor cats??

Are indoor cats less happy than outdoor cats??

Cats can successfully adapt to home life without going outside, as long as you meet their specific lifestyle needs.

When you see your cat looking out the window, you probably think it would be better if it could prance on fresh grass. However, it is not always possible to provide a cat with freedom in the fresh air.

Is the life of a indoor cat always miserable?

True, living in a confined space means less living space for your cat and less stimulating stimulus. Less physical activity means spending more time resting, grooming, and eating. The lack of stimulating stimuli can cause boredom or anxiety, while the lack of physical activity reduces the cat's need for energy, and thus slows down the metabolism and increases the risk of obesity by as much as 40%. Because a cat who does not go out is less sensitive to the change of seasons, it may shed all the time, not just periodically. This in turn means that she can swallow large amounts of hair while cleaning her fur, which leads to the formation of hair balls in the stomach.

Happy indoor cat

By providing your cat with an interactive environment in combination with the right care and nutrition, you can make life at home as exciting and fun as outside. First of all, make sure that your home space reflects the living conditions outside as much as possible. For example, it should have access to places at different heights, several resting places to choose from, and place the bowl with food far from the litter box. Then you should take care of adequate stimulation. Play with your cat and keep it occupied while you are away, for example in the form of a toy from which you can get low-calorie treats while playing. For more ideas for toys and games, see what toys are best for your cat. Lastly, look after your cat's coat by brushing it regularly and by giving it a diet rich in fiber to reduce the formation of hair balls.


43% of operations in cats are caused by the need to open the digestive system blocked by hair balls.


If the cat can't nibble on the grass, give her potted catnip. He will surely love it, and it will make it easier for him to shed any hair that has been swallowed during care treatments.

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