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Whether the cat chooses its owner?

Whether the cat chooses its owner?

It was for you to make such a choice, and for your cat? Your relationship is based on mutual choice, so you can be sure that your cat is happy with you?

Cats are our pets, so we, as their guardians, make decisions about their nutrition, health, comfort and learning. All this makes us think that choosing a cat to live with us is a one-sided decision. Cats, however, always have free will. For example, they often distinguish one person in the family, and it may even happen that they move in of their own free will, without an invitation!

Understanding the basics of feline psychology and behavior is very important to make it easier for your cat to adapt to her new home and ensure her a happy life. In addition to the basics of food and shelter, cats also seek safety and comfort. Therefore, they naturally develop a close bond with those who provide them with the best emotional balance, well-being and soothing behavior.

Cat excessively attached to humans

Despite their independent nature, cats often become very attached to their owners, sometimes even too much (this is especially the case with kittens separated from their mother before the age of three months).

It is difficult to object when a cat solicits our attention, but letting him become overly emotionally dependent can lead to serious problems. Excessive attachment to the caregiver can be a cause of great stress in the event of separation. This can result in behavioral problems in the form of inappropriate urination, heavy meowing, and hair loss (excessive shedding).


1854. - Zoologist Isidore Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire created a science field called „ethology ”, which deals with the study of animal behavior, which allowed us to better understand the behavior of cats.


To increase your cat's independence, set short periods of time apart and encourage him to focus his attention on other people as well.

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