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Black German Shepherd - character, upbringing and opinions about the breed

Black German Shepherd arouses great interest due to the rather unusual color of the coat. Below we will take a closer look at its character, the conditions of proper upbringing and the specificity of its appearance. We will also discuss common opinions about black shepherd dogs and give you a hint on how much a black wolfhound costs to sell.

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Black German Shepherd Dog and its description, breeding and estimated price

Black German Shepherds - appearance and character

What a black german shepherd looks like?

German Shepherds are medium-sized dogs. Adult males reach a weight of 30-40 kg with a height at the withers of up to 65 cm. Females are slightly smaller and lighter, their standard weight ranges between 22-32 kg, and the height at the withers does not exceed 60 cm.

The Black German Shepherd comes in two color varieties. It is a long-haired or short-haired dog. The black color of the wolfhound is not very common, but it appears in a few litters.

It is also worth adding that the black wolfhound does not differ in body proportions from its tanned companions. The only significant feature that distinguishes these dogs is the color of their coat. All German Shepherds have similar physical abilities, and what's more, they can be extremely intelligent and lively.

What character does the longhair or shorthair black German shepherd have?

A sheepdog puppy is a dog with great mobility. Always ready to play, alert and brave at the same time. The German Shorthair Dog may appear slightly smaller than its long-haired companion. However, this is only an illusion resulting from the fur close to the body.

The utility German Shepherd likes to be constantly on the move. He is good at tasks on intelligence, as well as with various types of physical abilities. He is ready to learn and shows great obedience to the owner. Thanks to its mild temper, the alsatian also gets along well with children. It will be a good companion for the whole family, as long as we provide him with adequate socialization and a sufficient dose of exercise. German Shepherds are also dogs that can get along with other species of animals. Properly trained, they do not show aggressive behavior towards them.

It is also worth mentioning that the Black German Shepherd usually reflects the expectations of its owner. Watchdogs often show a high degree of distrust towards strangers. In turn, puppies kept at home, which are family pets, usually turn out to be more submissive and friendly in contacts with guests. A wolfhound puppy learns quickly and fulfills the tasks assigned to him well.

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The Shorthair and Long Haired German Shepherd Dog is also eagerly chosen for dog sports. His courage and determination make him a great rescuer, patrolling or tracking dog. The alsatian will also prove to be a good companion for blind people, but it requires long-term professional training. Or maybe you will also be interested this article about the long-haired German Shepherd?

What kind of upbringing does a black wolfhound puppy need and what opinions it has?

Raised German Shepherds

As we already know, the Black German Shepherd is a dog with a great willingness to learn. This can be used to make a young, unruly puppy into the perfect companion or dog for watchdog or sports.

Each alsatian requires a lot of physical activity. This is the basis without which it is difficult to pass the training stages correctly. A long-haired or short-haired puppy requires at least a few intensive walks during which it will be able to relieve tension. Chasing sticks, chasing the ball or running together with the owner will make the German Shepherd Dog very happy. After returning home, he will certainly not have the strength to destroy objects or bark loudly.

Puppies should also be properly socialized with the environment, street sounds and other animals. This will allow trouble-free walks and mental stability in adulthood. The Black German Shepherd is quite courageous by nature and sometimes also inquisitive. That is why it is worth providing him with appropriate stimuli for proper development.

Raising a puppy is also about determining its role in the herd. It is worth familiarizing the dogs with all the rules prevailing at home and sticking to them consistently. The puppy should have its own place to sleep, a private space for relaxation, as well as a place to eat. German Shepherds love contact with their owners and do not like loneliness. It is worth taking this into account and devoting enough time to your dog.

Opinions about black wolfhounds

The dark-colored German Shorthair Sheepdog was eagerly used by the German army during World War II. Alsatian was then infamous, and after the war it began to be given other names. To this day, the German Shorthair and Long Haired German Shepherd is often referred to as the Alsatian Shepherd.

Dogs of this breed were bred for commercial purposes. They developed a territorial instinct, a tendency to distrust and the efficiency of a guard dog. Adult dogs of this breed are constantly alert, but when properly led, they do not show unnecessary aggression. Nowadays, puppies and adult shepherd dogs have favorable opinions. They are easy to drive pets, which we owe to their dedication and trust in their owner.

The German Shorthair and Long Haired German Shepherd Dog can be a great watchdog, family friend or rescue dog. It all depends on the specifics of the training and the time we devote to the young wolfhound. The breed holds favorable reviews among dog lovers around the world. Negative opinions mainly concern their health problems related to hip and elbow dysplasia. The breeding of this breed and the lowering of the back line also led to more and more frequent degenerative diseases. Therefore, when buying sheepdogs, it is worth making sure that only healthy individuals are allowed to breed.

Step by step, a black German Shepherd, or its character and price

Trusted Dog Kennel for Sale - Puppy Price

On the Internet, we find many adverts for dogs for sale. The German Shorthair and Long Haired Shepherd Dogs are so popular that there are many smaller and larger kennels in our country that specialize in this breed.

The kennel usually presents tan puppies for sale. Black puppies are slightly less common, so their price may be slightly higher. We will buy puppies for sale with a certificate of the Kennel Club in Poland from the amount of PLN 3,000. The price for puppies for sale with black fur usually starts at PLN 4,000.

A well-known kennel with tested stud dogs and healthy breeding bitches usually sells puppies for PLN 4,000-6,000. The price for black wolfhounds will be on average PLN 500 higher. A successful breeding farm may sell slightly more expensive puppies. The price for puppies often reaches PLN 8,000.

Or maybe the Swiss Shepherd Dog?

Black German Shepherds are quite majestic. However, many people are also interested in the Swiss Shepherd Dog. As it turns out, the breed of Swiss dogs is derived from the German Shepherd. At some point, Swiss kennels passed, dogs with slightly different predispositions began to breed, resulting in a pure white Swiss Shepherd.

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog is a dog that likes physical activity. Strong territorial instinct and distrust have been eliminated in the breeding process, so it is not a breed intended to watch over. The Swiss Shepherd Dog, on the other hand, has a high degree of obedience and a more joyful character. Unlike its German brethren, the Swiss Shepherd Dog will be trusting with strangers, open to new relationships with unfamiliar dogs, and endure long periods at home. It should be given the right amount of exercise, but most dogs will adapt well to the family lifestyle.

It is also worth adding that the breeding lines of the Swiss do not have a sloping trunk line, as is the case with the wolfhound. Hence, the breed is not predisposed to hip and elbow dysplasia. The Swiss Shepherd Dog is not very popular in our country, therefore the purchase price of a puppy may be slightly higher. The average cost of purchasing a puppy from a good breeding farm is PLN 2,500-4,000.

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