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What to do with a favorite during a long absence of the owners - the advantages and disadvantages of cat boarding houses

What to do with a pet during a long absence of the owners?

You want to go on vacation with your family and wonder what to do with your favorite? In the article below, we will present some solutions to your problem, as well as take a closer look at cat boarding houses, consider what their advantages and disadvantages are.

Possibilities for caring for a pet during the absence of the owners:

  • The best option, from the kitten's point of view, is to establish a family, replaceable departure schedule, in this way, during the departure of some of the family, one of its members always stays at home to look after the pet.
  • Another option is to leave the cat in the care of friends - if our favorite brings so much joy into the house, why not share this happiness with others?
  • If our kitten can hardly endure changes in the environment and is used to being at home, the ideal option is to ask trusted people to visit and look after the pet while the owners are away.
  • Finally, why not take your kitten on vacation? After all, everyone has the right to vacation and a moment of rest.
  • The last solution is to leave your pet in the cat's guesthouse. exactly

    but how to choose such a guesthouse? And how can I be sure that the kitten will like it there, that it will be properly treated?

Advantages of cat boarding houses:

  • We can be sure that we leave our favorite in good hands when we go on vacation. In most cases, owners and employees of cat boarding houses are animal lovers who also know what our kitten needs to be happy and how to take care of it properly.
  • Cat guest houses have specially adapted rooms that are spacious and give the pet a lot of freedom. If there are few hotel guests, our kitten can count on a double, combined box for the price of one. In addition, most guesthouses provide organized cat activities and take our pets for walks together. In the case of cats who like to stay in the yard permanently - cat guest houses offer specially fenced, developed, large areas where our pets can lie safely in the shade of green trees all day long.
  • A great advantage is the fact that veterinary care is included in the price, so in the event of the need for first aid in an emergency, an authorized specialist will always be on site.
  • Cat guest houses offer the highest quality food while listening to our favorite's nutritional preferences. Like in the best restaurant - the menu is personalized and arranged especially for our kitten.
  • Long live the ball

    - cats have the opportunity to spend the whole day communing with other pets, of course, if they want to do so - they can go crazy for all the times. Each favorite will need a moment of breath from the stern voice of the owner: „Rysiu, you can't! ".

  • Cat guest houses have attractive prices, if we use them regularly - we can count on discounts. A cat's stay in a guesthouse is usually PLN 12-30 / day.
  • Cat boarding houses usually do not accept more than 10 kittens at a time to ensure appropriate conditions and care at the highest level.
  • Animals placed in boarding houses most often have to be flea-free and dewormed, so the risk that our pet catches something is negligible.

Like everything, cat guest houses also have their drawbacks:

  • We leave the cat in a new, unknown place - the pet may have a problem with acclimatization, after the owners return, he will be offended by them.
  • We need to check the guesthouse personally selected before we leave a favorite there. Very rarely, but there are cases when everything looks very professional at first glance, only after picking up your favorite it turns out that he is scared, not treated well, starved and the place where he stayed was not cleaned.


If there is a possibility for the cat to stay at home with another family member or friend during your absence - use it, because it's good everywhere, but it's best at home

If, on the other hand, it is necessary to place your pet in a cat's guesthouse, check carefully that the place you choose meets your expectations, because no one likes to sleep in a middle-class hotel, where the bedding is dirty, the service is unpleasant, and there may be a cockroach around the corner.

Be sure to go to the cat guesthouse, check the conditions there, ask to show the box where your favorite would live, read the opinions on the Internet and don't worry

most of the cat boarding houses are high-class places with the best care, but there are exceptions, and the prudent one is always insured.

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