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What goes into the cat's bowl?

What goes into the cat's bowl?

Healthy cat food begins with healthy ingredients. We understand that you want the best for your cat. That is why we have developed recipes based on these raw materials that will bring your pet many benefits. Let's take a look at our core ingredients:

Meat, fish and poultry as a source of protein

Real meat is not only the taste loved by cats, but also a source of high-quality protein, which they need so much. It is worth remembering that protein of animal origin has all the amino acids necessary for cats - i.e. building blocks from which a cat can build its tissues. Plant-derived protein sometimes lacks a few of these building blocks - but when supplemented, it also becomes a wholesome component of the cat's diet. We especially use them in seriously ill cats (with liver or kidney failure), in which the administration of meat protein worsens the condition of a sick cat.

Omega fats and fatty acids

Energy-rich fats are a source of important fatty acids and support the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D and K. Essential Unsaturated Fatty Acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 support not only your cat's immune system, but also other important body functions (nervous system, reproductive system, skin functioning).

Easily digestible fats

Healthy grains will provide your cat with energy, saving the energy use of protein and reducing the supply of fat. Scientific research shows that cats use moderate levels of easily digestible carbohydrates (regular-shaped starch from precious grain grains) as an optimal source of energy.

Vitamins and minerals

The addition of vitamins and minerals will not only complete a balanced diet, but at the same time will support your cat's immune system and ensure a shiny and healthy coat as well as overall proper functioning and vitality. If you prepare meals yourself, using the supplement every day is a must to ensure optimal health for your cat.

We hope this article will motivate you to search for a well-balanced food for your cat. You can read more about Purina products at this link.

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