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Dog pregnancy and puppies rearing

Most pregnancies are smooth and dogs are generally excellent mothers. While it's rare for something to go wrong, it's still a good idea to keep your eyes wide open and know how to spot a problem if it does occur. If you have any concerns about your dog's pregnancy or childbirth, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Contact your doctor if, before and during childbirth:

  • The bitch loses interest in eating during pregnancy or is otherwise abnormal (a decrease in appetite may be normal for some bitches after 30 days of pregnancy or before giving birth, but otherwise she should be cheerful and have a good mood and an appetite).
  • More than 70 days have passed since the mating.
  • A puppy is not born within four hours of the bitch showing a green or red / brown discharge from the bitch's genital tract (be prepared to consult a doctor after two hours).
  • Strong contractions for 20-30 minutes do not lead to the appearance of a puppy. Contact your doctor and take any puppies born with you if you are going to the clinic.
  • More than two hours have passed between the puppies and the bitch is resting or has only slight contractions, and you know that there are still more puppies inside.
  • The second phase of labor lasts more than 12 hours (the second phase is when puppies are born).
  • Labor does not begin within 24 hours of the temperature drop.
  • A puppy is not born 2-3 hours after the water has broken off.
  • The bitch generally feels bad, howls or feels pain during labor.
  • Any abnormal vaginal discharge occurs at any time during pregnancy or delivery, including bleeding or foul discharge.
  • You see the puppy at the entrance to the genital tract, but the bitch's pressure does not displace it.
  • The bitch sheds during pregnancy.

After giving birth, watch out for the following problems and see your doctor if:

  • The bitch did not release all the bearings she should (as many as there were puppies).
  • Has a foul discharge from the vagina
  • It has a very bloody discharge from the vagina.
  • Has a fever, feels unwell and has no appetite, is lethargic or has no interest in puppies - any of the above symptoms may indicate an infection inside the uterus and the doctor needs to administer appropriate medications.
  • Has a fever, feels unwell and has no appetite, is lethargic, or has no interest in puppies - any of the above symptoms may indicate an infection inside the uterus and a doctor needs appropriate medication.
  • The bitch has symptoms of muscle tremors, nervousness, anxiety, a stiff, painful gait or twitching, which may be a symptom of hypocalcaemia - calcium deficiency (tetany).
  • The mammary gland is red, tight and painful, or discharge from the nipples is foul, brown or bloody (mastitis)
  • Death of any of the puppies.
  • 'Weakening ' puppies - puppies are apathetic and do not eat food.
  • After displacing all the expected puppies, the bitch is still moving.
  • The bitch feels bad in any other way, she doesn't eat, she is lethargic, has diarrhea or is thinning.

If you have any doubts, it is always best to consult your doctor. Find out what to expect by researching information and talking to other experienced growers.

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