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Agritourism with a dog: everything you need to know before you go

Agritourism with a dog

Many people want to adopt or buy a kennel dog. However, they have great doubts - what will they do with the dog when they want to go on vacation? The answer is simple. You can take your dog with you!

It used to be more difficult. Many hotels or lodgings did not accept dogs or expected a large surcharge for a pet. Fortunately, this is changing, because dog lovers have become an important part of tourism, they travel more and more willingly and they expect decent conditions for themselves and their friends on four legs.

  • Does every dog ​​like to travel??
  • Agritourism with a dog, or where to go?
  • How to prepare your dog for departure? What to take?
  • How to find a dog friendly place?
    • Mountains or Masuria?
    • Accommodation selection
    • Agritourism - advantages
    • Dog on the water
    • Dog in the mountains
    • Dog in the woods
    • Cottages or guesthouse?
    • Agritourism - what to watch out for?

Does every dog ​​like to travel??

However, before we pack a suitcase and go on an adventure with our dog, let's think honestly whether it is actually as good an idea as we think. In fact, many dogs like to change places, get to know new smells, run around large spaces, but there are also a few exceptions worth mentioning. Because it may turn out that our dog belongs to them.

For example, suppose we have a dog that has just arrived at our home. For example, he is a puppy from a kennel or has just been adopted from a shelter. In such a situation, I would suggest that you refrain from traveling for some time, so that the dog has a chance to get to know his new home. Many dogs (especially those with a lot of temporary homes or several previous owners) take time to settle in and get used to a new place. Let us give him space and time to understand that this is his final home where he can feel safe. And then let's take him on vacation.

There are also dogs with behavioral problems - some suffer, for example, from separation stress, i.e. they have a problem with separation from their guardians. When this happens, taking them to a new place that they don't know and may not feel confident about may worsen their condition. Not to mention the fact that in a fit of panic they can destroy the accommodation or hotel in which they are located. They may scratch the door, they will howl for a few hours as we explore the area and it will generally be a difficult experience for them. Not to mention the stress of the owners. Therefore, I would suggest that you first work on the problem of separation stress in a place that dogs know and feel relatively comfortable.

Another easily imaginable situation is that many dogs are suffering from trauma and experiences, and need a calm, stable environment (and usually the support of a good behaviorist)!) to deal with it. In such a situation, let's focus on solving the problem, or at least start working with the dog, before adding new stimuli and stressful situations that the dog may encounter while away.

There are also fearful dogs for whom the excess of new stimuli, travel, meeting strangers and dogs can be overwhelming and would much more prefer to stay in a quiet home they know. Of course, this is not a rule, but if we are working on a dog's anxiety, it is worth thinking about it in terms of providing him with a quiet place to work.

The situation is different when we have a puppy. Such a toddler is of course a great companion, but it can cause us some trouble during the trip. For example, if he likes to romp, he can destroy the room if left alone when leaving. Similarly - if we do not have the cleanliness training developed with the puppy yet, the carpets in the departure room may be in danger and it is also worth taking this into account ?

These are, of course, just a few examples - but the point is to think about whether our pooch will be delighted with such holidays before planning a joint trip with the dog. If so, let's go!

Agritourism with a dog, or where to go?

Where to go with your dog?

There are many possibilities (maybe not in a pandemic, but it will be even better!). We can take the dog abroad (if he likes to fly or is good for a long car trip) or look for a cozy place within our country. Fortunately, tourism in Poland is flourishing and at the moment there are many great agritourist accommodation that will gladly welcome us with our pooch. Some even advertise themselves as places with special amenities or attractions for dogs, such as a large, fenced paddock, the company of other dogs, obstacle courses or even the care of a petitter on site. We can also combine business with pleasure and go on a trip with dog training or with tracking or noseework classes. Both man and dog will benefit from such a trip.

How to prepare your dog for departure? What to take?

It is worth getting ready for each trip. This will ensure a peaceful holiday and the safety of our dog. Here are some simple tips that might come in handy:

  • If we are driving a car, secure the dog with dog belts so that it does not move freely around the car, because it is not safe for the dog or the driver.
  • If we leave the dog in the hotel / accommodation, make sure that a container is not needed, in which the dog will wait for our return. Some owners of accommodation expect it and mark this point in the regulations of stay.
  • We should always make sure that our dog is protected against ticks (ticks are prowling now all year round, not only in summer) and that we have a booklet with a valid vaccination against rabies. You can't go without it!
  • Let's also take an additional leash and harness, just in case, because if the basic ones get damaged, it may not be so easy to go to the pet store for new ones in the middle of the forest. And finally, we want our dog to benefit from the trip as well.
  • If we are going to let the dog loose (I do not recommend it if we do not have a guarantee that the dog will return), then we can consider a GPS tracker, which, in the event of an escape, will allow us to locate our fugitive faster.
  • Let's find out in advance where the closest to our accommodation is a veterinarian who will see us in the event of a failure.
  • If this is our first trip with a pooch and we do not know how he will feel in a new place, let's take his favorite scented blanket, bed and toys (it will always be useful).

How to find a dog friendly place?

It's really easy at the moment, just browse the internet for a while. Almost every portal where we can book accommodation has a special filter that you just need to turn on. We choose the criterion "dog-friendly places " and we get only accommodation in the search results that allow us to come with our Reksio or Bruno.

What's more, there are also dedicated portals that have specialized in finding great lodgings for dogs. They describe each offer in detail in terms of facilities for dogs. It is a real paradise for dog lovers.

Mountains or Masuria?

Agritourism in Poland allows us a wide choice. The direction depends of course on our preferences, but if we don't care, then let's think about it in terms of the dog.

If we have a dachshund with a weak back or a senior dog, long-distance trips to the mountains may be too burdensome for him. If, on the other hand, we have a young pooch who loves to explore new areas, maybe let's think about a beach or meadows where he can run.

Accommodation selection

As I mentioned, almost every portal that allows you to reserve a place already has a filter "dog-friendly accommodation ", so the choice should not be a problem. Of course, we can choose from a whole range - from exclusive, five-star hotels, through more modest hostels, to private accommodation, the so-called agritourism. The choice is ours. Me and my dogs love agritourism.

Agritourism - advantages

Agritourism has many advantages. It is financially accessible, unpretentious and enables us to live closer to the community and neighborhood in which we find ourselves.

Agritourism lodgings are often located in secluded places or in nature. This is their enormous charm. The dog usually has a lot of space to run, is surrounded by forest, meadows and hundreds of new scents. It is a real paradise for dogs who love adventures!

Dog on the water

Many dogs love water. They feel like hmm there

fish in water. And there is nothing strange about it, but contrary to appearances, not all dogs can swim a dog and you should carefully introduce them to the water. Not every dog ​​will be delighted when we throw it into the bath right away. What counts here is a calm approach and the ability to make a decision by the dog.

If we take the dog on a sailboat or even want him to swim for a while and we have no guarantee how it will go, we have to provide him with a life jacket. We can easily buy it online.

Dog in the mountains

If we take a dog to the mountains and want to make a walker out of him, remember to choose the route according to his condition, age and health condition. The ground on which the dog is walking is also important. If we decide to go on a winter trip, we should protect the pooch's paws from snow and salt. We can use special ointments or wash the dog's paws after a large exit to wash off the impurities from them.

Dog in the woods

The charm of agritourism is often the fact that we interact with nature. A beautiful forest tempts everyone, including our dog. But remember that our dog let loose in the forest (especially one that it does not know) can easily get lost when, for example, it jumps after the smell of game or loses the azimuth.

In addition, letting the dog loose is not allowed in the forest, according to the law, so it is better to put a long rope or a leash on the dog so that it can sniff freely, but does not pose a threat to other animals and simply does not get lost.

Cottages or guesthouse?

If we hesitate what to choose, there is always more freedom (and a chance that we will not disturb the neighbors) in detached houses that are not located in the center of the complex. Usually other guests do not have a problem with our dog living with us, but it is known that the more slack for everyone, the better, which is why some properties have cottages and rooms in more secluded locations.

Agritourism - what to watch out for?

Of course, we recommend trips with a dog to agritourism to everyone, but let's also bear in mind a few things before choosing an accommodation.

First, let's ask the owners a few things:

  • Is the area fenced? It is important that the dog does not run away if we want to let him loose.
  • Are there any other dogs or animals on the site? It is important if our dog does not get along with other dogs or cats. In agritourism farms there are often other animals such as sheep, goats, horses and rabbits. It can also be important information for us. Not every dog ​​gets along with others. Some of them may also have a tendency to run up and stress livestock, so you should also bear this in mind and properly secure the dog's contact with other animals.
  • Let's also determine whether if the dog happens to bark when left alone, it will disturb the neighbors, or if the doggie rooms are in a different part of the hotel?
  • What fees apply for a dog? Sometimes they are almost as tall as a human, so it's better to make sure that we don't have to knock the dog over his pocket afterwards ?

All in all, a dog trip can be a great experience for us and the dog if we prepare ourselves a bit. What, we're going on vacation with a dog?

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