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5 ideas for playing with your cat

1. Hunting for a moving target

Any toys that move, whether by winding them or by pulling them on a string, will attract your cat's interest. Some cats also love to catch "bunnies " from the mirror or a point with a laser, but do not abuse this form of play, because it frustrates your cat very much when it cannot catch escaping prey. Some toys have hiding places where you can hide snacks that can be eaten by the cat at the time of hunting, providing an immediate reward. Remember that cats get bored easily, so change movable toys, you can make them more attractive by attaching a rustling ribbon or other material. Never leave your cat alone with any toy that it can detach and swallow. But remember that you can always use Purina® Felix® Play Tubes while having fun, which are the perfect snack to chase and taste!

2. The power of nature

Reach for dried herbs, ready-made mixtures or pure catnip. At least half of the cats will go crazy (at least for a dozen or so minutes of play), even with an old toy or the simplest pillow with herbs. Remember that your cat will be more interested in the toy and rubbing and rolling and rolling with the toy containing it, so it can be a very amusing sight. When the mellow mint high passes, the cat becomes indifferent for a moment, and after some time he becomes crazy about the herb toy. Therefore, do not leave it available on a daily basis, just take it out from time to time for a better effect.

3. Bringing prey

Cats retrieve as well as dogs, you just have to show them that as a reward for bringing a ball, a paper ball or a rolled silver / aluminum foil (be careful that your cat does not chew on it), as a reward he will be able to run after her again. Yes, for many cats it is attractive to chase and catch a potential prey, and additional elements - sound or flash and rustle, will further intensify the need for this chase. Therefore, choose balls with a bell or add rustling elements to old toys. An additional attraction will be when the movement will surprise you - the toy will run away to another room or around the corner of the door. Remember to leave your cat alone with toys that they cannot break into pieces that are easy to swallow.

4. Interactive feeding

It can be said that a cat in the 21st century should eat interactively, at least one meal a day. What does it mean? This means that he has to get tired and tap well in a clever bowl to eat a meal. Wet food can be served pressed into the so-called. a licking mat with different mazes to help slow down your meal. On the other hand, dry food can be placed in various bowls with a puzzle in the form of a puzzle, a ball-tasty with a maze or even a paper egg container, or a pizza box in which you can cut windows with inserted toilet roll rolls.

Regardless of how you diversify your cat's food intake, you will extend the meal and give your cat a greater feeling of satiety and satisfaction from eating. Thanks to this, you will not only improve the well-being of your cat, but also reduce the risk of your cat overeating

as long as you check how much food goes to the interactive bowls. Remember not to exceed the recommended daily amount of food, which for an average cat is about a cup of dry food or a glass of wet food. It's so little that it's worth dividing into several smaller, hard-to-get meals.

5. Dry pool

Have you ever seen a cat in a basket with balls of wool? He's probably the luckiest cat, although playing this way can be dangerous. However, most cats will be happy to play in the pool with light balls. You can also make a dry pool yourself in a large cardboard box with toilet paper rolls cut in half. To encourage your cat to start rummaging, you can throw one ball with a bell to additionally stimulate the senses. A cat that goes wild in the ball pool, then eats a meal and goes to regenerate in a well-deserved sleep.

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