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12 most interesting dog gadgets

Gadgets for the dog

  • Weird and crazy dog ​​gadgets - do they make sense?
  • Umbrella for a dog
  • Nanny - a robot
  • A life vest for a dog
  • Phone holder for dog photography
  • GPS for a dog
  • Dog paw cleaning gadget
  • Speaker with soothing music
  • Luminous dog collar
  • Cooling mat for the dog
  • Treadmill for a dog
  • Interactive toys for dogs
  • Mitt for combing the dog

Weird and crazy dog ​​gadgets - do they make sense?

For everyone who reads this article, his pet is probably extremely important. Each of us wants his dog to be like the proverbial butter donut, which is why we buy various dog gadgets for our pets to make their lives easier or diversified. Let's take a look at some of these inventions here to see if they really make sense and will benefit our dogs or be a waste of money and time.

Umbrella for a dog

I don't know too many dogs that love walking in the rain (unless golden retrievers, but they love water in all its forms). Usually, when the dog comes out of the cage and sees big drops of rain, it will push its paws away and as quickly as possible returns to a warm and dry apartment. For us as guardians, walks in the rain with a dog are not particularly comfortable, because the dog is wet, you have to wipe his paws and run after him with a towel so that he does not splash all the walls and shake off the water. Perhaps that is why umbrellas for dogs were created.

What is it about? Well, you buy a special leash with an umbrella canopy (usually made of transparent material so that it does not cover the dog) and in the event of rain, you can open the umbrella just above the dog's back. As a result, the rain runs down the umbrella and not the dog. The assumption seems correct, but the pooch's reaction to this invention may be different. Some more nervous dogs may feel cornered and stressed by the fact that there is "something hanging over them". Others may try to play with the umbrella material, while others may stand still in protest and then we will get wet, even when our dog is dry. Therefore, it is worth introducing the dog to this strange invention first, let him sniff the umbrella and unfold it gently, and then mount it over the dog. However, if the dog protests, it makes no sense to force him, after all, it is about his comfort, so let's return to the good old way in such a situation - a towel, with which we will wipe the wet pooch so that he does not catch a cold after a walk.

Babysitter - robot

Most dogs are used to going out to work in the morning and coming back in the evening. They sleep through the time of separation, play with themselves or stare at the wall bored. However, there are dogs that tolerate separation worse than others (some of them even require the help of a behaviorist, because they suffer from the so-called separation anxiety). So if someone has a dog that is bored or tired when alone, it may be worth considering buying an electronic nanny in the form of a cute little robot. Such a mobile nanny is usually equipped with a camera, night vision device, a loudspeaker and a dog food dispenser. Thanks to him, we will always know what our dog is doing at home (and in what condition our apartment is in), but we will also be able to assure him, sitting behind our desk in the corporation, that we like him very much and that he is a good dog. The robot has a built-in speaker that will play our voice. We can also ask the dog to perform a simple trick, and the robot, at our request, will reward the pooch with a delicious treat. Some versions of these robots also have a laser light for cats that the cat can chase after, giving it the right amount of movement, instead of waiting idly for the owner to return.

The method of managing the robot is quite simple - just install the application on the phone, thanks to which we can issue commands from a distance.

Does such a robot make sense? Here, too, it all depends on the specific dog. There are dogs that can get scared of a small device that drives around the house, but there are probably also those that will quickly interact with it, will respond to our voice commands and enjoy the delicacies thrown by the robot. But this is of course only a gadget, because it cannot replace contact with people.

A life vest for a dog

A life vest for a dog

Many people would like to take their dog with them to the lake or on a boat, but they do not know if it is safe. First of all, it should be checked whether our dog will want to go on such an expedition. It is not true that all dogs love water and immediately swim very well, the so-called "dog ". Some are afraid of water, their physical condition does not allow them to swim, or there are contraindications from the vet that the dog should stay in the water for a long time (for example, a skin infection). However, if we know that our dog loves water, we can provide him with such entertainment, but only on condition that it will be safe for him.

That is why they were created life vests for dogs. If we swim in life jackets, why should dogs be worse?? ? A vest appropriately sized for the dog keeps him afloat and buoys him, for example, should he fall out of a boat or jump out of a pontoon. Most of the vests are brightly colored so that the dog is clearly visible in the water. Some even have funny shark fins to make our little chihuahua look more dangerous while floating in the water.

This particular gadget seems to be a sensible solution, because it increases the dog's safety level, but it is also worth introducing the dog to him before going to the water with him. The point is not to add extra stress to the dog when he is on vacation, so we give him a chance to try the vest "dry " at home.

As with any unfamiliar thing, let the dog sniff the new vest, put it on the ground and leave a few dog treats next to it so that the pooch mates a strange new item.

Then, when the dog is relaxed or tired after a walk, i.e. just calm, let's try to gently put the vest on him for a while and adjust it so that it does not twist on his body, causing him discomfort. The less the dog will pay attention to her, the better. So let's try to keep him busy, let's throw him his favorite toy, give him some treats, let's talk to him.

If we see that the dog does not like the vest on its back, do not force it to wear it and take it off carefully. After some time (for example the next day), let's try again. It's better to do a few short sessions to give the dog time to get used to than one long session during which the dog will get stressed, because then he can build a negative association with the vest and he won't want to wear it when he goes to the water and is really needed.

Phone holder for dog photography

Who among us doesn't like taking pictures of their dog? Sometimes, when he makes a particularly cute face, we rush to get the phone immediately and take a series of photos of him. Some hide photos in the archives, others send them around the family (whether the family wants to or not, they must admire our dog!) or posted on social networks, because some pets have their own profiles and often more followers than their keepers!

On the other hand, everyone knows how difficult it is to take a good picture of a dog. Especially a puppy whose concentration is very short or an adult dog who has a million more important things to do than our photo project. And probably for such dog lovers this harmless gadget was created, i.e. a phone holder, which we attach to the top of the housing and we can attach a dog ball, a stick or a treat there - in fact, everything that hypnotizes our dog for a few seconds to keep it motionless, so that we can take the perfect photo. Most dogs fall for this trick and look in the right place (i.e. straight into the lens). It also helps to instruct the dog to "sit " so that he knows that he will immediately receive a delicious treat as a reward, which is temporarily attached to the phone case.

GPS for a dog

Another gadget that seems like a sensible investment. So-called dog locators have appeared on the market for some time, which are usually attached to a dog's collar or harness. Thanks to such a locator, when our dog runs away or gets lost, we can precisely track where it is. At the moment, you can find various GPS devices on the market, so it's worth reading for a while about which one is worth choosing, which has the best range, whether you need to pay a monthly subscription for it, or how exactly will it locate our dog. Of course, it is always better to prevent escapes, master the summoning command with the dog, not to let him go in new places that we do not know, but if such a situation already happens and the dog disappears from our sight, such a device may prove invaluable and significantly speed up finding the dog. Such devices are usually small and light, so our dog should not object to wearing the locators at the collar.

A gadget for cleaning the dog's paws

Probably not one guardian of a dog is lulled by the thought that the dog comes back from a walk with muddy paws and carelessly enters the white, new carpet, and then jumps on the couch and wipes its paws there. Marketing departments came up with a solution for such stressed out owners. Small, silicone cups have appeared on the market, into which you pour soapy water and put the dog's paws in after returning from a walk. This is an alternative to putting your dog in the bathtub (which can be quite a challenge with particularly large or stubborn dogs) or running after him with a towel. The gadget is not particularly expensive, but it may turn out that the dog will not be so eager to put its paws in a suspicious silicone mug with soapsuds and it will be faster when we wash its paws with wet wipes or dry them with a previously prepared towel.

Speaker with soothing music

Dogs and humans have different emotions and can be restless. There can be many reasons, it is always worth consulting a good behaviorist in the event of an increased problem, but we can also try a gadget temporarily, which, as the manufacturer assures, will soothe our dog's nerves. It is difficult to say whether it will work for our dog.

What is it actually about? It is a loudspeaker that we place not too far from the dog (of course, do not play it at full blast, but adjust it to the dog's sensitive ears)!). The loudspeaker contains music and sounds that have been selected to soothe the animal with its sound. The loudspeaker plays soothing or stimulating songs for the dog, depending on which operating mode you choose. Apparently, there are also YouTube channels where relaxing music for dogs is played, so maybe it's worth starting with this if you don't want to invest in a speaker right away?

Luminous dog collar

In winter it gets dark already around 4 p.m. and you have to go out with your dog for an afternoon and evening walk. Some dogs also like to go for a walk with their handlers at night. Of course, I don't encourage you to let your dogs loose, especially when it's dark and in the city, but if your dog is used to running freely in a safe space, it's worth knowing where it is. Therefore, lights that can be attached to the dog's collar or harness seem to be not a bad invention. I personally attach to my dogs as little LED light as possible behind their backs on the harness, so that they do not even see it, but so that I would be able to locate them without any problems. There are of course many variants of such collars - there are LED collars that shimmer like a disco, there are vests filled with LED lights that can be controlled with a smartphone or collars that change colors like a chameleon. Honestly speaking, I am not convinced of them, because giving a dog flashing, intense light right next to the eyes can make it difficult for him to take a relaxing walk. It may look fun for other passers-by and the guardian when the dog is like a mobile disco, but when choosing all the gadgets, we must first of all take into account the comfort of the dog, so the simpler the light and less intrusive, the better.

Cooling mat for the dog

Although maybe now, when there is still snow outside the window, it's hard to believe, the winter will end one day and the heat will come. On the one hand, everyone is waiting for it, but for dogs that cool themselves mainly with their mouths, it can be quite exhausting. Therefore, for several years, so-called cooling mats have become popular. How such mats look like? Usually it is a mat made of artificial material the size of a large dog. When the dog lies down on it, its belly is chilled. It works without any additional power source, electricity or water. Some mats can be pre-cooled in the refrigerator for an additional effect. For many dogs, such a mat can be a relief. But some dogs will lie down next to the mat and will not want to climb onto it for any treasure. You can also try a more homely | (and cheaper) version of the mat and wet your dog with a towel on a hot day and lay it flat on a waterproof floor.

Treadmill for a dog

Nowadays, when it is difficult to get a decent dose of exercise, or dog handlers do not have time for long, solid walks, treadmills for dogs are becoming more and more popular. In professional rehabilitation clinics, they support, for example, the process of slimming the dog and help him stimulate the body with movement in a controlled way. But there are also home treadmills that caregivers use to "run" the dog. I am quite skeptical about this. A treadmill will never replace a decent walk with lots of smells, incentives and opportunities for socialization. From what I've seen, not all dogs like the device itself, they fall off it and can even damage their limbs. But there are probably exceptions and such training conducted under the supervision of a professional, with proper protection of the dog, may bring benefits. There are also (but this is almost exclusively in rehabilitation clinics) water treadmills for dogs that allow dogs to train without straining joints and muscles.

Interactive toys for dogs

A very fashionable thing and almost every caregiver has heard about it. These are toys that provoke the pooch to think. To get to the treats hidden in the toy, the dog has to figure out how to disarm it. Whether to pull the string or knock over the wooden block, or maybe turn the toy upside down? These toys come in different difficulty levels and are often fun to look at, but also cost a bit. Some dogs will have great fun and a logic puzzle for a long time, others will disarm the toy in 5 minutes, come up with a solution and, bored, throw it into the proverbial corner. So in order not to spend meaningless money, you can check on the Internet how to make such a toy for a pooch at home in a simple way, without great manual skills. Then it will be great fun for both the dog and his man ?

Mitt for combing the dog

Mitt for combing the dog

The last gadget in this list, i.e. a rubber glove with special tabs for combing the dog's hair. Some dogs, when they see a dog broom or a trap, take their legs by the belt and run away where the pepper grows. And for these dogs, such a glove can be a good solution. The guardian puts it on his hand and with a smooth movement, as if he was stroking innocently the dog, he combs its fur. Unfortunately, the glove will not work in the case of very thick or long hair, but for basic care it can be useful.

To sum up: the above-mentioned gadgets are only a fraction of what you can find on the market, I tried to choose the more popular ones, but I guarantee that you can spend a fortune on various "inventions " for dogs, so it's worth doing it wisely and not giving up fashionable. And above all, you should bear in mind the good of the dog and always ask yourself whether this gadget is really cool for him, or is it just a marketing idea that will not be of any use.

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